Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 recap

So it's New Year's Eve...2010 is almost over! 2010 was my first "full" year as a mom and it has been so much fun for sure :-) We don't have big plans for tonight b/c quite frankly I'm too tired and uncomfy to even want to go out at all, so I think we're just going to have a quiet night at home (and Mama will  I'm sure be in bed long before midnight!!)

I thought that in honor of New Year's Eve though I would recap some "highlights" from 2010. I tried to pick 1 or 2 pics from each month of Raya's blog this last year so we can all  relive the fun of 2010 with Miss Raya Marie :-)

January--I started my Etsy shop!

Raya's first applique shirt :-)
 February--Raya's first Valentine's day!

March--Not much happened this month haha...but she had awesome 9 month professional pics!

April-- Raya's first Easter basket!

May-- My very first mother's day...

....and Raya's 1st birthday!

June-- Raya's first overnight!! Fun at Grandma and Grandpa F's

July-- Raya's first trip to the Children's Museum! (We need to go again now that she's walking!)

August-- Got to see Aunt Megan and Uncle Shawn!!

September-- first baseball game!

...and first zoo trip!

October-- First trip to a pumpkin farm!

...and very first time trick-or-treating :-)

November-- Mama's obsession with making hats began :-)

December-- Continuing our Xmas tree hunt tradition

So as you can see there were many many "firsts" this year! I think my New Year's Resolution is going to be that I want to continue enjoying all the "firsts" of 2011 as well! It's so much fun watching Raya grow each month and with baby Brielle I will get to relive all of Raya's "firsts" again! I think that's definitely a New Year's Resolution that will be easy to keep :-)

Happy New Year everyone!!! And no, haven't gone into labor yet....although Lee was sort of hoping I'd have the first baby of 2011 so that we'd get a bunch of free stuff :-P

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Brielle's stunt double

Don't miss my update below--induction date set! :-)

Now that I know I basically have 11 days or less before Miss Brielle makes her debut I'm feeling the pressure to make sure everything is ready to go! Today during Raya's nap Lee helped me take down the tree and we got the pack and play with changing table etc. all set up in the living room like we had with Raya. This will be where Brielle hangs out a lot during the day since I don't really like my babies napping way back in the bedroom during the day.

Well, when Raya got up from her nap she came into the living room and I told her "look! This is the baby's bed!" and I kept saying how the baby would be sleeping in here, etc. Raya immediately squealed and ran back to her playroom to retrieve none other than the now famous baby Anna haha. She thought I meant baby ANNA got a new bed, not baby Brielle lol. So she quickly put baby Anna in the pack and play and was mighty impressed with her baby's new digs :-P

I have a feeling that baby Anna and baby Brielle are going to be sharing close quarters much of the time :-)

Baby Anna also went for a swing ride today too. Raya thinks that since we brought up the baby swing that is also meant for her doll!

I thought Raya might enjoy seeing Anna "play" in her new bed....but it actually just ended up looking kinda creepy!

Raya was pretty much terrified  of baby Anna after this haha...

So now I think  we're just  about all set for baby's arrival! And we can all rest assured now that Brielle will be  very safe in all of her contraptions since baby Anna is her current  stunt double :-)

In other baby related news, our neighbors (remember baby Max who I watched overnight this summer??) well Max and his mom got Raya an Xmas present and Lee brought it home yesterday. Max's mom said it made her think of is so funny...a farm doll! haha. And it has these animal heads permanantly attached to it and you can push a little button for each animal head and it talks and makes animal sounds :-P

She's most impressed with the fact that this baby has eyes which open and close though...

It's official that  baby dolls are taking over our house, and I'm sure it'll only get worse with 2 little girls here! hehe

Lastly, yesterday Raya had a visit from Bridgett, who brought her an xmas present too (Xmas never ends for this spoiled little girl I guess :-) ...well last night Raya had  fun "driving" her new truck  all around the living room and I thought it was so funny to see her girlie girl self in a tutu none the less driving around a toy truck...she was lovin' the noises and lights on it though!

Vroom! Vroom!

That's all for tonight....Happy New  Year everyone! :-)

Induction date set!

So I had an excellent doctor's appointment this morning! It was with my favorite ob (the one who delivered Raya) so I decided to bring up the idea of a possible  induction since I'm really worried about going overdue this time and not  having anyone around to watch Raya, etc. ...especially with Lee working in Cedar Rapids. Well my doctor was sooo nice and said it was absolutely no problem to induce anytime after 39 weeks, especially given the circumstances and since I'm a 2nd time mom and had an easy/quick labor last time. So she said I could pick  anytime the week of Jan. 10th! Well I felt weird "picking" Brielle's birthday so I basically told her to pick and she said that she was the ob on call on Tuesday the 11th, so I said let's do that :-) Not only will my favorite ob deliver then, but Brielle will have  the fun birthday of 1/11/11 haha. So I'm scheduled to go in at 6am on the 11th now, unless baby now decides to come earlier!

As excited as I  am to meet the baby, I'm really hoping now that she doesn't come before then b/c this way Lee can plan his day off of work and everything can be scheduled and organized. Plus my mom is coming up to stay on Sunday the 9th and staying all week long, so she'll be able to watch Raya while I'm in the hospital and then help take care of Raya  the first few days I'm home with the new baby....perfect!

"worse case scenario" now would be if baby comes next week, but still that wouldn't be too bad. Lee's mom is planning to be here so I'll still have help with Raya. It's just  that Raya doesn't see her as much so she is more comfortable with my mom and Lee really doesn't want to miss work next week since it'll be his very first week of work.

So now you all need to STOP sending baby-having vibes my way haha...don't start sending them until like Saturday the 8th :-P

Oh, and the doctor did say I had made a little progress since last week. I am now a full 1cm dialated and my cervix is "soft"...that really doesn't say anything about when labor might happen, but she said that she would consider that a favorable cervix for a 2nd time mom and should be good conditions for an induction on the 11th.

So excited!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Raya's ABC Dance

I just had to share Miss Raya playing with her new fridge toy from Santa :-)  Sorry she looks a hot mess though....she had just finished a very messy supper! haha

Haha....just had to share

So this was just  too funny not to share. Long story short, my brother is the craigslist master and pretty much buys and sells stuff (usually cars/boats/etc) on there constantly. Well it was no surprise that for Xmas all of his gifts were craigslist finds haha. He got Lee a gun cabinet and clay pigeon shooter off of there, which were both great finds and right up Lee's alley. He got Emily a treadmill off of there for her xmas present....etc. etc. Well for me he got this one cup at a time gourmet coffee pot maker thingy (It's this thing here: . He picked it up from some lady for $40 and they are over $100 new and this one had only been used a couple times I guess. Anyways, I was excited to try it out when we got it home and so we set it up and plug it in....and then everything starts like shaking and making loud noises and water starts leaking EVERYWHERE! It was soooo funny. We tried everything to figure out what was wrong and John said he actually knew the lady he bought it from so he was sure she didn't deliberately sell him something broken, but it was possible that since she hadn't used it in awhile something had happened to it in storage etc. So I made Lee try over the course of the next 2 days to figure out how to fix it and we finally did get it to appear to work correctly, except for the leak LOL. So as long as I empty the water resevoir immediately after making a cup it seems to be OK :-P

Here's the funny part. So I'd been going back and forth with John in emails (b/c he had contacted the lady who said she'd be happy to give our money back if we want to return the machine to her...but I decided to try and have Lee fix the leak first) and I had just  told John how we had gotten it to work except for the leak issue and such. He writes me back this email:

Sounds wonderful…………….very user friendly. Make sure the seal at the bottom of the reservoir is good. The lady mentioned that it could sit in their funny.

When I give presents, I find it important that they offer family bonding activites such as this to pull everyone closer together. If it was to work perfectly, you two would never had this experience in teamwork…………or something like that.

Good luck. I want a hot cup of Chai Latte when I come to see the new baby. I need to start training this new one to like me as I think Raya is a lost cause. You tell her if she doesn’t start straightening up, she will never get busted craigslist crap from me for Christmas. "

Hahaha :-) Cracks me up. So now Lee is already starting to think of what we could get John next year off of Craigslist for an xmas present!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Rambling....

So first off, no, I have not had the baby yet! ....unfortunately. I'm officially uncomfortable and ready to be done though. I am pretty sure the agony of  the last couple weeks of pregnancy is all part of mother nature's plan to get women ready for childbirth, because at this point I don't care if the baby  is 10 lbs, no epidural, and 40 hours  of labor....I just want to be  done! :-P And go figure, since as of today I'm totally fine with Brielle arriving whenever I have pretty much not had a single contraction or sign of labor in about 3 days haha. This child  is going to end up being just as stubborn as her big sister I think!

In an attempt to help things  along I decided I  didn't want  to just sit around all day...walking can't hurt right? Lee had a funeral  to attend this morning for a guy he worked with so Raya and I went  into town to walk the mall. She was looking mighty stylin in her owl  hat and brown boots, don't you think? :-)

....although as cute as she was for a shopping buddy, she was uncharacteristically naughty shopping today too! She wouldn't stay in her stroller and insisted on a snails pace...and  basically prevented me from walking the baby out at all.

Even though she was naughty and didn't deserve anything  at all, I did buy one thing. She needed some new tennis shoes since she's gone up a size, and I  stumbled  across a pair  of light up skechers on super clearance...they only  had one pair left and it just happened to be  the exact size I needed! Normally these shoes would  not be my style, as they are covered in jewels and they  light up and  are generally gaudy lol...but  Miss  Raya was so impressed! She walked a round the store staring at her feet lighting up and looked so darn cute that  I  just couldn't resist buying them for her :-)

These are the ones I got:

Anything for my little diva!

Thankfully Missy Moe fell asleep on the car ride home...sleepy baby

After completing  her nap at home we ended up going  back into town again! Lee decided that  Griffin needed a haircut (he did!) and for the  first time ever we decided to get him professionally cut--we normally just shave him ourselves. However it's pretty much impossible  for us to cut  his legs and feet b/c he won't let us, and he typically ends up looking a little like a hack job. So we called Petsmart and got him an appointment. It took almost 3 hours! While we waited we had dinner at Carlos, ran some errands at Target, and Raya played at Barnes and Noble while Mama drank Starbucks :-) But in the end the $40 we paid Petsmart was sooooo worth it because  Griffin looks AWESOME! They got his feet and legs so short, and the got his face really even and cute. And he's so fluffy and soft now too! I think we are officially professional  grooming  converts haha.

Look at how good  his face looks!

Lee  tried to get Raya and Griffin to pose together, but this is the best pic he could  get--if that tells you anything about how the photoshoot went lol

So overall a very busy day...Miss Raya should sleep well tonight!

To end, here are a couple random pics.

First, here is our backyard this morning. It looked so pretty out with all the frosted trees!!! Must have been from the fog we had last  night. Maybe  we should have  the realtor  use  this pic in our  listing  lol

And finally, this was Miss Raya's outfit for my mom's side xmas yesterday. I LOVE this dress. Ideally she wouldn't have to wear a red undershirt with it, but it was cold :-P

The dress looks big on her in these pics, but it actually fits her really well. And cousin Sawyer approved too. He was saying yesterday how he wanted a dress like that b/c it had some of his favorite colors, particularly pink hehe. Him and his love of pink....cracks me up :-)

That's  all for tonight. Send some baby-having vibes my way please!! I mean, come on Brielle....I went 4 days overdue with your sister. I think I've earned myself a 38 weeker...or  at least  a 39 weeker! Here's your chance to become my favorite....pack up your things and  head south! :-)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Santa made it to our house today! :-)  And let me tell you...I AM EXHAUSTED now! I have learned that once you have kids Christmas becomes an hour or so of present opening excitment, followed by the entire rest of the day filled with opening boxes frantically while your child cries for her toys, putting together way to many plastic peices, filling everything with batteries, trying to dispose of millions of cardboard boxes, and then somewhat unsuccessfully attempting to organize the toy store you now own into various parts of your home! I think someone *not* 37 weeks pregnant would be tired after all that, so this preggo lady is officially pooped! It was tons of fun though...ya gotta love Christmas :-)

We took many short movies of Raya opening various presents, but here is just one example. She seemed to enjoy tearing off the paper, but isn't quite old enough to understand the concept of Santa or anything yet obviously. She loves all her new stuff though!

Then here is a sampling of photos as Raya played with her new stuff today :-)

Trying out her chef costume from Grandma and Grandpa...she's quite the cook! lol

Daddy, putting together Raya's car ramp raceway from Santa

She liked it...especially the noises it makes!

She also got a cool dollhouse from Santa

Once again she is a fan of the noises this makes...especially flushing the toilet!

Mama's favorite gifts were the "boring" ones this super cute owl backpack!

And Santa may have gotten these cute blocks off of Etsy :-)

They have owl fabric on them! :-)

The toy from Santa that impressed me the most though was this zoo came with so much stuff and it's really nice quality! The play mat has an alphabet path with an animal for every letter, and then there is an animal figure for every letter too. You push on each alphabet letter to hear the sound the animal makes or to hear the letter name and sound etc. Plus you have lots of other activities you can do with the animals and stuff. Love it and highly recommend!

Then Grandma, here is the doll nursery center you got Raya...she is very particular about how it must be used and I dare not attempt to play with it myself or she yells at me! :-P

Baby Anna is still getting lots of lovin'

And then because mama was going to lose her ever loving mind if all these new toys didn't disappear from her living room I spent my evening organizing Raya's playroom to try and make room for all the new stuff!!! It mostly fits....just barely haha. In our next house I think Raya will  need TWO playrooms!

The easel  is another of Santa's gifts. Santa wasn't thinking obviously about the sheer size
of all these wonderful new toys when she (I mean he) bought them! :-P
 ....and mind you, this does not count the entire kitchen set and all her new kitchen toys that now live in her nursery. Or the toys that still live in my living room. Clearly the child is deprived.

Spoiled little girl!

And despite it being Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, Miss Raya stayed a little bit of a grump today due to her cold.

But in her defense, it is a doozy of a cold and she has trouble  getting sleep right now. Check out for yourself what a hot mess she was when she woke up this morning!!! Good thing we were still at Grandma's....I had Grandma take care of booger face :-P

Tomorrow we have our last Christmas mom's side of the family so looking forward to that :-) Then once we get back  home we officially enter the time period I've started referring to as "baby can come any time now!"  hehe....I'm technically "full term" as of today at 37 weeks, and after tomorrow I have no more traveling planned, so Brielle, you are welcome to grace us with your presence whenever you see fit! However I still recommend stearing clear of New Years....who wants their birthday  to constantly compete with that?!

Thanks for checking in today!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve! :-)

Well, due to the snow (I hear about 9 inches back around our house....looks like we have near that here at my parents' too!) we are stranded at my parent's house tonight! We came back yesterday afternoon to attend xmas on my dad's side last night, and then today we celebrated xmas with my parents and john, em, sawyer, and harper....and the plan was that we were heading back home tonight so that Santa could visit us and we'd do a lazy xmas at home with Missy Moe tomorrow, but the snow had other plans :-P No fear though...I simply called Santa and asked that he instead visit our house tomorrow AFTERNOON...and so once we get home I think Santa will have arrived and we will do it that way :-)

So while I kill time here at Grandma and Grandpa's I thought I'd share some of the pics from our trip thus's your lucky Christmas Eve!

So first, like I said, we attended my dad's side xmas last night and Miss Raya had a blast with all the kids (she just LOVES kids and will go up to kids she doesn't know without any problem) ....adults on the other hand? Well, if you bribe her with food you stand a chance, otherwise forget it!

Family photo

She was wearing a cute, festive outfit of course!

My little Christmas Cutie

She was not in the mood for posing for pics....little stinker

Oops...we were missing baby Harper from the grandchildren picture!

Uncle John led the group in a Christmas carol sing-a-long :-)

Raya and Sawyer had a ball singing and clapping along!

Raya took a break to play with a bug on the floor LOL

Getting a closer look!

Her first present of xmas 2010!

It's a singing piggy bank toy :-)

Grandma found baby Harper!

It was nice to see everyone on my dad's side and a great way to "kick off" xmas 2010 :-)

Then today was our immediate family Christmas. We had our traditional cheese soup lunch and then it was present time! I"m pretty sure Grandma and Grandpa F. bought out a toy store somewhere haha. Here is the pile of presents from Grandma and Grandpa alone!

Harper was totally pumped and ready to dive into the present opening!

These are Raya's antlers from last xmas :-)

Sawyer liked them too!

Uncle John wasn't quite ready for the excitement :-P

The following is a sampling of the Christmas goodies recieved! Aunt Shawna's hats were a hit...well for everyone except Sawyer. He opened his dinasaur hat and honest to god looked at the hat and said "I wanted toys!" hahaha

Sorry buddy...Aunt Shawna is boring :-P

Harper liked her hats though...kinda sorta :-P

I made this one with a button and interchangable flowers in many colors :-)

Sawyer was more impressed with the tool belt and hat that we got mom and dad got him a giant tool bench set :-P

Oh, and don't worry...Miss Raya was spoiled with tons and tons of baby doll stuff and kitchen stuff! She says thanks to grandma and grandpa!!!!

She wasn't too interested in opening presents, but she liked playing with them once they were opened!

I think Raya's favorite toy is "baby Anna"...and all her many accessories lol

Sawyer's favorite toy was the puppet theatre that Grandpa built him!! Grandma made little interchangeable signs for it so it could also be a supermarket, lemonade stand, etc. It was a big hit with both kids!

I think Aunt Emily and Grandma had even more fun with it then the kids though! :-P

Grandpa and Grandma also bought some toys for the kids to keep at their house....the cash register was the favorite!

Tonight Mama and Miss Raya had fun opening more of her new toys....Mama really loves Raya's new coffee barista set that makes noise and comes with a variety of yummy pastries too hehe


So as you can see, a wonderful Christmas so far! The adults all got some very nice gifts as well, but let's face it....xmas is all about the kids and they are way cuter posing with their stuff :-) I have always loved Christmas but it's become 10 times more fun since having Raya and I can't wait until next year's xmas with 2 little ones! I'm looking forward to Santa's visit tomorrow too :-P I told Lee that I didn't want to exchange presents between us this year b/c I really do just love doing it for Raya, and all I want for Christmas is for Brielle to arrive healthy....that will be my most favorite gift of the year!!! (As long as that little gift stays on backorder for at least a couple more days lol)

Hope you all are having wonderful Christmas celebrations with your families too!

To end, here was Miss Raya playing with baby Anna tonight, as she tried desperately to stall bath time. Every time mom and I asked if she was ready for her bath and bed she said "no!" and would very dramatically play with Anna and watch us to make sure we saw she was very busy with her baby :-P

Poor Raya has come down with a bad cold though, so Anna got many very snotty kisses and hugs!

When she feeds the baby her bottle she sticks out her tongue like this lol

Snot nose :-P
 Check back for Santa pics tomorrow!!!  (That is assuming we make it back home through the snow!)