Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boating on Lake McBride

This past weekend we went back  to my  parents' house with our boat and intended to go boating. However, Saturday was one horrible car issue  after another, and after more than an hour of trying to entertain Raya in the AutoZone we were stranded at I called my mom to come rescue Raya and I and take us shopping! hehe

My mom had decided she wanted to buy Raya and cousin Sawyer their fall/winter shoe wardrobe, so Miss Raya got 3 new pairs of tennis shoes...a cute pair of pink  and brown Sketchers, white and pink Champions, and then pink multicolored random brand something or others. We had her feet measured and were told she's a 4.5 right now, so we got size 5/5.5 for the tennis shoes and she loves them :-) Her sandals are size 4 and I think they have probably been hurting her feet, so she was happy to put on her new  shoes yesterday haha.

Then Sunday, after the car had been all fixed, we took my parents out boating with us on Lake McBride...very fun! Raya was excellent and looked so cute in her little life vest.

Wouldn't you agree?

I had forgotten a sun hat so I had to grease her hair down with sunscreen...she was a little grease ball :-)

Grandma entertained her by  feeding  her  cheerios!

She liked playing  with Grandpa too!

After a couple hours she got pretty darn tired though!

Time for a nap!

Isn't she  precious?

Love those little cheeks and lips! :-)

We plan to go back boating there again soon!!

Other than that, not much new to report. We start Kindermusik on Tuesday mornings again next week...I can't wait for our teacher to see that Raya is walking now! She will be a dancing machine in class :-)

Lastly, here are some random pics from the last few days....

When dinner goes horribly wrong

Trying to help Mama wrinkle release the laundry

"Hey girlfriend! Oh I know, my mom is ALWAYS eavesdropping on my calls too!"

She's becoming very attached to her owl lovey...I  had to buy another as back up!

Reading her owl  book

Oh, and lastly, baby Brielle got something new this weekend too! My parents wanted to buy my double stroller as my baby gift, so I picked out the coolest one and it arrived at their place this weekend...yippee! Haven't put it together yet, but check out the pics online...got the biggest shopping basket ever and those seats just flip around every which way...my girls will be stylin :-)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Look at her mouth and you'll see dollar signs....

Miss Raya's mouth is a hot mess....I mean really, her teeth are absolutely crazy! Between the gap in front, the teeth next to the gap coming in behind, creating buck tooth gap teeth, and then the other crazy little teeth popping up I just see $$$ when I look at her mouth haha. Lee and I both have great teeth, never had braces, etc...I have no idea what messed up genetics gave her these bad boys. In an attempt to cover all our bases we have started operation paci-be-gone though. A lot of people say that really, teeth are genetic and usually a  little paci use doesn't actual cause crooked teeth, especially since Raya only gets it in bed and she's still only 15 months old. BUT, Lee doesn't want to take any chances, so he decided last night to snip the end of Raya's paci. Every day or so we'll snip off a little more until the paci is gone (we read about this technique online as a good one to use for kids Raya's age). Last night Raya didn't seem to mind at all, but today at nap time she refused to sleep and cried all morning instead of napping...every time I went into her room the paci was thrown on the floor haha. So I think she's on to us :-P She did finally fall asleep for an afternoon nap though so hopefully we can get rid of the paci over the next week or so....and with any luck maybe her teeth will magically fix themselves just to reward our good faith effort :-) If not, I guess we'll start a braces fund soon!

Completely unflattering pic, yes, but this is what we're dealing with in her mouth!

Raya, please don't flaunt your crazy money draining teeth in my face all day :-)

Mama, how about THIS smile then...see, no teeth!

It's a good thing she's still so stinkin' cute, bad teeth and all!!

Raya!! You're just taunting me with those teeth now! :-P

I'm very sweet and innocent Mama

And before you all start thinking we're horrible parents giving  her a complex about her teeth, rest assured that we do realize she's still the cutest little thing ever...and I bet she'll have everyone wishing for teeth like hers just so they can attempt to duplicate some of her cuteness :-)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Favorite Outfit

So, I've always liked this outfit, particularly with the legwarmers...but let me tell you, now that Miss Raya is walking the cuteness factor of this outfit has been magnified by about 1000!! Lee and I took her to HuHot and let her walk the mall on Sunday and we could hear the oohs and ahhs from a mile away :-)

Lee called this her hooker outfit haha. Yes, it's pretty short, but that's why it's so cute!

...and we're walking!

...and we're falling!!!

Mama's cell phone makes her forget about the horrible fall :-)

"Hey peeps, party at my crib tonight!"

Saturday, August 21, 2010

And we're walking....

Miss Raya is turning into quite the walking machine I tell ya! I haven't gotten around to uploading a movie, but here are some pics to give you an idea of how she does :-)

First she lets go and starts to walk...it's very nervewracking for her to get started haha


Then she finds her groove!

She made it to her destination!

She was carrying around a post it note for who only knows what reason!

Down the hallway....she's got places to go!

Luckily she still does know enough to sit down before trying the stairs!

Once she falls down though she has to buttscoot until she finds something to pull up on. She doesn't know how to just stand up in the middle of the floor on her own.

"Mama, I can too stand up! I just choose not to..."

This is why Miss Raya must wear a hair clippie at all times, even with pjs...check out her hair!

"Is that you Mama? I can't see you!"

In other non walking related news, Miss Raya  is stinkin' hilarious. Her latest funny antics involve the puppies. She likes to lick up her cereal like a puppy, she likes to yell "no, no!" at the puppies (even the neighbors puppy), and yesterday after Griffin pooped on the kitchen floor (don't even ask!) I was on my hands and knees scrubbing it up and then I look over at Raya imitating me, on her hands and knees using her owl lovie toy to scrub the floor too! I almost died laughing.

Yesterday her activity of choice was filling her big bowl with plastic lids and then dumping them on herself.

Today we were going to take Raya to the Iowa State Fair, but decided the long drive and heat wasn't worth the short amount of time we'd want to stay. So instead we took Raya to the nearby "ghetto zoo", which is basically some poor caged animals in rural Iowa at a local park haha....but she enjoyed watching the ducks!

Of course she had to look cute for our little outting...

Check out how skinny her little legs are getting!

And I didn't take any pics of us while out on our family outting today, but I did manage to take a couple quickies before we left of Raya and I, since it's been awhile since I made it into a picture

Love my girl(s)!!!

Thanks for checking in with us today! ...and let me know if you like the new blog. It's much easier for me to post pics and format my entries using this blog program compared to the old one, and there are also other cool things I can do here like follow other blogs etc. that I couldn't do before. This program is a way more popular blogging site anyways, so I think it'll be easier all around.

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