Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boating on Lake McBride

This past weekend we went back  to my  parents' house with our boat and intended to go boating. However, Saturday was one horrible car issue  after another, and after more than an hour of trying to entertain Raya in the AutoZone we were stranded at I called my mom to come rescue Raya and I and take us shopping! hehe

My mom had decided she wanted to buy Raya and cousin Sawyer their fall/winter shoe wardrobe, so Miss Raya got 3 new pairs of tennis shoes...a cute pair of pink  and brown Sketchers, white and pink Champions, and then pink multicolored random brand something or others. We had her feet measured and were told she's a 4.5 right now, so we got size 5/5.5 for the tennis shoes and she loves them :-) Her sandals are size 4 and I think they have probably been hurting her feet, so she was happy to put on her new  shoes yesterday haha.

Then Sunday, after the car had been all fixed, we took my parents out boating with us on Lake McBride...very fun! Raya was excellent and looked so cute in her little life vest.

Wouldn't you agree?

I had forgotten a sun hat so I had to grease her hair down with sunscreen...she was a little grease ball :-)

Grandma entertained her by  feeding  her  cheerios!

She liked playing  with Grandpa too!

After a couple hours she got pretty darn tired though!

Time for a nap!

Isn't she  precious?

Love those little cheeks and lips! :-)

We plan to go back boating there again soon!!

Other than that, not much new to report. We start Kindermusik on Tuesday mornings again next week...I can't wait for our teacher to see that Raya is walking now! She will be a dancing machine in class :-)

Lastly, here are some random pics from the last few days....

When dinner goes horribly wrong

Trying to help Mama wrinkle release the laundry

"Hey girlfriend! Oh I know, my mom is ALWAYS eavesdropping on my calls too!"

She's becoming very attached to her owl lovey...I  had to buy another as back up!

Reading her owl  book

Oh, and lastly, baby Brielle got something new this weekend too! My parents wanted to buy my double stroller as my baby gift, so I picked out the coolest one and it arrived at their place this weekend...yippee! Haven't put it together yet, but check out the pics online...got the biggest shopping basket ever and those seats just flip around every which way...my girls will be stylin :-)



  1. We had so much fun on the boat! Those pics of Raya sleeping on my lap are priceless!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. sounds like you guys had fun minus your car trouble which is never fun. Raya looked so cute in her life jacket. I love that stroller, it's super cool!

  3. trying this again...

    love raya in the little life jacket! and lots of cute summer outfits.


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