Monday, August 23, 2010

Favorite Outfit

So, I've always liked this outfit, particularly with the legwarmers...but let me tell you, now that Miss Raya is walking the cuteness factor of this outfit has been magnified by about 1000!! Lee and I took her to HuHot and let her walk the mall on Sunday and we could hear the oohs and ahhs from a mile away :-)

Lee called this her hooker outfit haha. Yes, it's pretty short, but that's why it's so cute!

...and we're walking!

...and we're falling!!!

Mama's cell phone makes her forget about the horrible fall :-)

"Hey peeps, party at my crib tonight!"


  1. Raya will need to wear all her little dresses again now that she is walking, she looks sooo cute!
    Grama F

  2. so cute...there outfits always look so much cuter when they can walk..LOL check back in in a couple hours I'll have a blog posted with the sex of our baby! miss raya is just to cute!

  3. i swear i commented on this post already, but it didn't show up? isn't this the dress my mom or aunt bought raya? that is nice that it ended up being such a favorite. :)


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