Thursday, September 23, 2010

16 months old

On Saturday Miss Raya turned 16 months old! Some facts about her at this age are:

She is now in size 5 diapers (size 4 still fit, but we have fewer leaks with size 5), she's wearing size 12-18 months or size 18-24 month in most things, wearing size 5 shoes, she says a few words but will repeat or try to repeat most anything! Many of her  words are still only  understandable if you know what she's trying to say though, she consistently knows where her ears are and usually gets eyes, nose, and mouth correct, she is getting really good at animal sounds and can say what a puppy, owl, cat, cow, duck, and bird say....she repeats a lot of other animal sounds too. She's pretty much walking like a pro now, but sometimes her shoes trip her up a little haha. She's just started climbing up on our couch without help, which is pretty annoying b/c I used to hide the remote up above the couch and now she can find it easily! Her receptive language is really good for her age (I think anyways :-) and if you say "go throw this away in the garbage" she will, or you can say "let's eat" or "let's change your diaper" and she immediately goes to the right place. You can also tell her to go get the puppy's their ball or bone or whatever and she'll go into their toy box and find the dog toy you requested :-) She's got a really good arm and throws overhand with pretty good accuracy! She's down to only one nap per day--in the afternoon for 2-3 hours. She likes her "shows" now and during breakfast and lunch I let her watch whatever is on--her favorites are Sid the Science Kid, Barney, and Super Why. She still LOVES being outside and shows a lot of interest in other kids. I believe that's about all  I can think of right now! :-)

My 16 month old beauty!

Still loves to play in my tupperware cabinet!

On Tuesday we went home for a visit. Raya had fun playing with Grandpa F, who had the week off

And she had fun with Grandma too, but those pics are on my mom's camera!

Then Wednesday we went over to Aunt Emily and Uncle John's and Raya had a playdate with cousin Sawyer! Raya is soooo funny around  Sawyer anymore....she honestly acts like a middle school girl crushing! She follows him around hugging him, and whenever he sits down she tries to sit as close to him as possible, sometimes even sitting on his lap!! Whenever he does or says anything even remotely funny she laughs hysterically, like it's the funniest thing that's ever happened in her life lol. She just adores her big cousin!!! (And he's tolerating her  pretty well anymore, now that she's big enough to actually play with him!)

Here they are having breakfast together....Raya just thought the way he drank his milk was hilarious!

Miss Harper is still in the  boring baby stage haha. She just ate and slept the whole time! She's a big eater Emily said

Surprisingly though, Raya is showing more interest in the baby. When we're not watching she goes over and "hits" Harper....but it's  not to be mean, I think she just likes the cause and effect of seeing a sleeping baby and then smacking the baby  to see her startle!!! I have to watch her very very closely now haha

Hi baby

But  mama, I want to hit her again!

I can't wait until another month or so when Miss  Harper starts staying awake to play a little...what will  Miss Raya think then?! :-P

Lastly, here was Raya rockin' her very "cool" outfit the other day...she wasn't posing very well for me though, little stinker

Being a goof in her highchair for Mama

Can't wait to see how much she changes this next month.....she's at such a fun age right  now, I love it!!!  Do you hear that Miss Brielle? You better come out of the womb with some pretty cool and entertaining tricks to keep up with your sister's fun factor! :-P


  1. why didn't you tell me about the wiener dog shirt!! super cute. :) her little cupcake jammies are cute too.

    that's hilarious how she is around sawyer.

  2. I thought I told you about that shirt? I got it last year on super's just Carter's brand.

    Yeah, her and Sawyer are too funny!

  3. I agree with Bridgett, love the dog shirt and skirt! I love the way Raya follows Sawyer!!! Hope we can get together soon for longer than a couple hours!!
    Grama F


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