Tuesday, September 28, 2010

24 weeks belly pics (Brielle)

I'm currently in my 24th week of pregnancy with Brielle...yay! Thought I should take another baby belly pic :-)

For comparison, here is my belly at 24 weeks with RAYANA:

And here it is with BRIELLE:

For some reason with this pregnancy I FEEL tons smaller than I did with Raya, but looking at the pics I don't see much difference--I think it might just be in my head since for so long I was told Brielle was measuring small :-P I think I'm definitely carrying Brielle lower than I did Raya though--if you compare my Raya belly with the first Brielle belly you can see how much lower my current belly is!!!! That probably explains why she's constantly kicking my pubic bone and why my fundal height always measures short this time....b/c she's sitting so low!! Overall though I'm feeling really good, I've been sleeping pretty well, rarely have any nausea anymore....it's that wonderful middle part of pregnancy! :-) I'm not looking forward to getting fatter and having trouble  breathing, lifting Raya, walking stairs, etc....oy oy oy. I know it's coming though! Good thing it's short lived, and with any luck my baby belly will disappear really quickly after she's born just like it did with Raya!!

In Raya  news (no pics...sorry!!!) she had kindermusik again today and did great! Then we had to babysit for our former sitter while she went to the doctor, so we went over and played with all the daycare kids this afternoon and Raya loved chasing them all around haha. Although the kids did tattle on her multiple times that she was hitting :-0  She doesn't hit hard at all, but does it to get other kids' attention haha.

I think she's really starting to hit a language burst too! This last week shes doing tons and tons of babbling--the kind of babbling that is complete "sentences" with inflection and intonation etc. Sometimes we swear we hear her say really elaborate things, but I think she just manages to get lucky that her babbling sounds English sometimes haha. She also, for the first time this week, came up to me and put her arms up and said "up" all on her own, without me prompting her to say up first. She'll be backtalking in no time now! :-P

That's all for tonight's update...later!


  1. Why does Rya hit??? Does she think she is playing? You look about the same size with both girls at 24 weeks. That time is really going to go fast now. Hope we can get together soon!!!
    Grama F

  2. I think the hitting is her way of getting their attention. Today all the kids were older than her, with one little 10 month old boy. She kept hitting the little boy, and then time I actually saw her doing it it seemed like she just wanted to check him out/get him to look at her. He didn't cry or anything....she hits really softly :-P

  3. you look great. I've noticed the same thing, that I'm smaller this time around. I'm also measuring smaller too. I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow and I'm at the point where I'm ready for it to be over...haha


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