Friday, September 3, 2010

Bum arm, bathing owl, new cousin, oh my!

First off, this morning Raya is at the babysitters b/c my arm won't  move!!! My arthritis flared up really  bad  yesterday afternoon (I  think the weather maybe?) and I currently have absolutely no range of motion in the shoulder of my bum arm, rendering me essentially one-armed :-( Now when it's just  me I can get around ok with one arm, but with a 25 lb toddler it's quite a challenge to get her in her crib, in her highchair, change her diaper, etc. with only one our former sitter had room to watch her until 11:30 this morning and I decided it'd be good for me to just lay around and rest my elbow this morning. Hopefully Raya naps this afternoon then and Lee gets home to help later this evening. I'm a cripple! :-P

Yesterday Raya got herself into trouble, while I was on the phone....I heard splashing and looked in the dining room to see Raya bathing herself and her owl lovey in the dog's water dish! Owl was dripping wet and she was happily flinging him and the water all over, her pants were SOAKED, and she kept trying to get up but the puddles on the floor made her slip and fall. What a mess!!! Good thing I have a back -up owl lovey now though b/c that owl went into the wash and I discreetly replaced him with owl #2 :-)

After stripping off her wet pants Raya ran off and proceeded to  mock me I think...she's so naughty :-P

Lastly in yesterday's news, my brother and Emily had their baby yesterday! Baby Harper is now here and cousin Sawyer got  his little sister, ready or not! haha. No pics to share yet, but I think we're going to try and visit on Monday or something. Very excited for them, but oh so happy that baby Brielle is tucked away still for the time being, as I'm definitely not ready for baby #2 myself! Especially with the bum arm going on right now, Brielle is welcome to stay put well into January :-) However she makes me nervous b/c she's already trying to escape, and I can tell she's getting stronger b/c she's started throwing tantrums when I get up to pee at night...just like Raya did Brielle gets mighty pissed off to be woken up at night in such a way! haha. Just 2 weeks until  my next ultrasound...can't wait to see what  she looks  like now, and hopefully get the tech to reconfirm that she's still a girl!!

Ok, now for some random Raya pics...

We broke out  her birthday owl skirt and hair clippie the  other  day...she was working  the camera like a rock  star :-)



  1. Boy does that girl know how to work the camera!!!!Love the jean jumper, where did you get that?
    Love Grama F

  2. It's the pippi longstocking jumper from children's place that matches that hat ...remember she had one for when she was little and I got the bigger size? I got a huge lot of clothes from that line for about 10 bucks on ebay, including the hat, the jean jumper, jeans, shirt, leggings, etc!

  3. Raya is getting so grown up! Imagine how big she'll be when her little sister comes...I still can't get over how big Bennett looks now that Alanna came into the picture.

    Congrats to your brother and sister-in-law!!



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