Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daddy's Spoiled Girl

Hey peeps! I'm super cute right?

Well, Daddy think so too! I've totally got him right where I want him. Check this yesterday I went to daycare in the morning while Mama's arm rested (by the way, she says it's feeling quite a bit better today already). Well Mama told Daddy how when she picked me up I was by myself, away from the other kids, just enthralled with babysitter Erin's little tikes cozy coupe car. No surprised really since I've ALWAYS been obsessed with them no matter where I go. Mama had just never had any luck finding a good one on Craigs List so I didn't have my own. Well, that's when I gave Daddy my biggest smile and said "Da da!" ...which is pretty much my favorite word right now. Of course he melted and said he would take me that night to get my very own Cozy Coupe at the store! Yippee! He also told Mama we could go out to dinner to rest her arm...yum! So I got cutsey in a new fall dress and we headed to town....

We went to Carlos O Kellys...delish!

After Carlos Daddy took me to Walmart to get my Cozy Coupe! I giggled with happiness as I walked to the toy aisle...but to our shock and horror there were no cozy coupes to be seen!!!!! Mama found a store employee and was told that 'tis not the season for little tikes outdoor toys and they didn't have any left :-( I was so sad! Then Daddy said he'd take us to Target and check there...yay! Sadly no Cozy Coupe car there either though. We had to come home empty handed...gasp!

Daddy felt really bad breaking his promise though. And today he had Illinois Football to watch as well and he had been looking forward to me entertaining myself all day with my new toy while he rooted for his team! So during my morning nap he snuck out and drove to a different Walmart, all in an effort to get me my Cozy Coupe...and guess what?? He did!!! During my nap he put it all together for me and when I woke up he had it sitting in the living room as a surprise!

I couldn't believe my eyes! I was so excited! My Cozy Coupe dream had finally come true!!!

I played in this car ALL. DAY. LONG. No really. I only got out to eat the occasional snack.

Grandma, here  is the shirt and pants from the Pippi set that goes with that jean jumper!
And here's the Pippi hat, that is just like my favorite hat from when I was little...except I won't leave it on!!

Ok people, back to my super fun day and best Daddy ever! So after Daddy's game was over we decided to go play at the park! Mama decided I should try out my matching Pippi jeans for the park trip, so I did! (I think she's a little obsessed with trying on all my fall clothes since the weather is cool)

My hair had gotten a little nuts here...oops!

Then Mama said I needed to put shoes on for the park!

Grandma, these new pink  shoes you got me match perfectly!

Ok, now to the park we go! Daddy had to do most of the playing since Mama's arm is still not 100%, but that's ok because like I said, he's totally the most fun Daddy ever!


Hey Mama, PEEK!

Oh, and now here's my favorite part...the big curly slide!!! Daddy sent me down the slide over and over again, much to my delight! And Mama took pictures of me as I flew by!!!

One more time PLEASE!!

So the moral of today's story is that, while I still love my Mama the mostest... Daddy is cooler than your Daddy hands down!

Ok now people, please excuse Cozy Coupe calls!


  1. Oh my Gosh!!! I laughed sooo hard at those pics of her going down the slide, tooo funny. I love that little dress and the jean outfit! Yea Daddy for getting the car, it looks like alot of fun!
    Grama F

  2. awww what a sweet daddy to drive and find her one. Kaylee loves that little car too. i have to agree with grama F those slides pics made me laugh, the look on her face...Kaylee gets the same look when she goes down the slide. Have fun with your Cozy Coupe Miss Raya.


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