Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa H.

Sunday Raya had a nice  visit with Grandma and Grandpa H.! She did really well this time and didn't really cry for them at all. In fact within an hour she was going up to them on her own accord and putting her arms up for them to pick her up (especially when she thought they might be taking her outside haha :-)  Grandma H. got a kick out of Raya's "personality", which I think is better described as her "diva-ness"! She threw a couple good tantrums for them, but also did lots of cute things like all her animal noises :-P

I did remember to take a picture before they left Monday morning

Grandpa H. never learns that he must always look at the camera so that when Raya
actually chooses to look  I can snap a quick picture and everyone is looking! haha

hmm, what's new? Well, Raya just  LOVES books! She never used  to like books or sit still for books, but ever since I've been staying home with her we go to the library weekly and read a ton, and now she's pretty much obsessed! I check out 5 library books each week and I kid you not I end up reading each of the 5 probably 4-5 times daily at least! Our library is about to run out of books for her too, b/c  while they have a large selection of children's books, they only have one bookshelf of board books, and Raya can't have paper pages yet...so now I'm on a mission to track down more board books! If anyone knows of good (cheap) bookclubs online or Grandma and Grandpa F., if you find cheap ones at garage sales we'd love some more! Raya especially loves books with ANIMALS in them. :-)

At night time Raya carries her books back and forth between Daddy and I and we each take turns reading the books over and over again....Daddy makes great animal noises!

It's a good thing Lee never reads my blog, b/c he would not approve of the angle from which I took these pics of him! :-)

This morning Raya had her 2nd kindermusik class...she did very well today! She participated for the most part and showed interest in the other kids. For today's kindermusik attire we went for a "punk" look :-)

What does Raya  have in her  mouth you might wonder? Well while I was getting ready this morning Missy Moe got into Mama's "post-pardum" drawer and had a hell of a time playing with tucks pads, nursing pads, etc. haha. She then INSISTED on carrying around nipple cream....what-ev-er! :-P

Such a goof!

Lastly, I'm so glad that I was smart last spring and  thought to buy her jacket nice and big, b/c it still fits this fall!! Looks even cuter now that she's toddling around :-)

One last thing, in Brielle news, Miss Brielle has a soul mate! My friend Jen and I were originally due on the exact same day (Jan. 6th) before my due date got moved back, and it's becoming clear that our two little babies clearly are connected in some strange way! Two nights ago I had a very vivid dream about Jen's baby (they aren't finding out the gender)....I dreamt that he's a little boy and in the dream I also dreamt that they were naming him "Tyler Jack Maxwell (lastname)"...and calling him TJMax for short HAHAHAHA. So I told Jen about my dream and come to find out that Jack is her husband's dad's name and Max is her grandpa's name and her mom's maiden name is Taylor (close to Tyler) and now her whole family are believers that I have a psychic gift :-P So I told Jen that I think Brielle must "know" her baby b/c I got such detailed info in my dream, and then today I get an email from Jen saying I won't believe it, but she actually dreamed about Brielle last night!!! She said she got a very clear picture of what Brielle looked like as a toddler (Raya's age)...in the dream Brielle as a toddler had darker blonde hair, big brown eyes, but looked like me with a longer face than Raya and my smile....how cool! So now Jen has decided that if she's right and brielle looks more like me then her and I are starting some sort of pregnancy psychic business :-) We'll soon find out if our dreams were right!


  1. It looks like Raya had alot of fun!!! That dream with Jen is sooo cool! Can't wait until both babies are here. I hope I get to see you guys next week!!!
    Grama F

  2. You are KILLING me with your comment on my blog!! :) I am so behind with blogging I feel paralyzed by it, give me a pep talk!!!!

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you about a visit yet!! I will get some dates to you soon. Things have been crazy with Ethan starting preschool, I have done a lot of the transportation for him and his daycare buddy, so I feel busy even though it isn't so bad...just weird with a 6 week old.



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