Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Yes, so I just  did a post a couple days ago, but  I have a ton of new pics again already!

Yesterday I had a bbq with the girls I went to grad school was a very fun school psychologist reunion! Six of the nine of us were able to make it, plus husbands, so it was a good turn out! Raya was able to meet the daughters of 2 of the school psych girls as well (we actually have quite a tradition going in our group...since we've graduated 5 of us have had babies, and ALL of us had girls first! How crazy is that?! They had another tradition going as well though...4 of us have already had 2nd babies or are pregnant with 2nd babies and guess what...the tradition was that EVERYONE was having boys 2nd! ....However I was next in line to follow the girl/boy tradition and I broke it...oh well! Bring on my girl #2 :-)

Elia age 8 weeks, Sailor age 2 years, Raya age 15 months

The husbands were making faces...Raya thought it was hilarious!

I didn't have Lee take pics of us girls b/c so many other people were taking pics. So far only one pic has been posted on facebook though for me to steal :-) , and only half of us were looking in it! haha. It'll do for now...I know at least one of the girls got one where we were all looking at the right camera though so I can share that  later

Kelli (Elia's mom), Jill (Sailor's mom--also preggo), Erin, Rebecca, Me (preggo), Sara
(We were missing the 3 others--Kelly, Melissa, and Heather--who couldn't make it)
Ok, now today we loaded up and headed to visit my brother and Emily and baby Harper! She's so tiny!! But  very sweet (well, the guys think she's pretty dang "boring" and Raya thought she was about as exciting as watching paint dry lol...but I enjoyed a few baby cuddles! Was happy to leave her with mommy though, after hearing she eats every hour and doesn't sleep at night unless she's being held haha...gotta love newborns :-)

Very sweet right?

The good thing about newborns though? They stay still for pictures!

Can you believe Raya wore this outfit? So tiny!

Raya was pissed about Harper's very existance in the room!

And our attempt at a "big  sister practice" photo went horribly too :-P

I guess Emily and I are the only ones who appreciate a good baby cuddle
 (oops...don't  know why this pic shows up weird)

See you later baby Harper!

Then after visiting Harper we took Raya to say Hi to Grandma and Grandpa F since we were right there anyways. They were excited for Raya to see the playhouse Grandpa built since it's all finished now! It has a chalkboard and kitchen set inside, real working windows, a wall mounted phone, two peice swinging door, flag, mailbox, door name it, it has it! Talk about spoiled grandkids! :-)

Checking the mail!

Thanks Grandpa!

This playhouse rocks Grandpa!

Tomorrow is Raya's first fall semester Kindermusik class...yay!


  1. Cute pics, I hope Raya will love Brielle when January comes!!!! I'm glad we got to see you guys at least for a little while!

  2. that playhouse is awesome! i am jealous!


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