Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My little "school" girl

Today Raya had her first Kindermusik class of the fall semester! Of course this meant getting out of the house and mingling with other kids, of which Raya had to be the cutest of course. So I decided that since she was going to class, she should wear her little schoolgirl outfit :-)

How stinkin' cute is she?

This was Raya's general feeling about Kindermusik...

Thanks for paying for my classes Grandma and Grandpa F.!

She did really well during class. She was really social and walking around about 1/2 the time and the other half she sat on my lap just taking it all in. She LOVED the bubbles at the end like usual, and  she boycotted the baby yoga part b/c she thought I was trying to change her diaper haha. There were about 4 boys from her summer class who are in this fall class, and then lots of new kids too! Lots more girls this time as well, but Raya succeeded in being the cutest of course. The teacher refers to her as "the fashionista" :-)

Those are pink kneesocks :-)

After kindermusik we had a girls only lunch at Panera :-) Raya is very good lunch company...everyone always comes up and comments on how good she is. We even had a swarm of elderly couples sitting next to us who kept coming over and talking to her haha..

Then this afternoon we played in our Cozy Coupe...she's still not bored with it!

She's looking more grown up every day...and she just keeps getting prettier!

She has become obsessed with the pillows on our couch, and insisted that the huge pillow be inside the cozy coupe with her haha

Then she carried it all around and kept laying down on the ground with it being goofy...she cracks me up!

I wish I was so easily entertained :-)

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  1. Toooooo cute! Love the school dress, I bet the teacher can't wait to see what she'll have on next!
    Love the pillow in the car, you can tell she is having trouble shutting the door!
    Grama F


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