Sunday, September 26, 2010

New stroller! ...and other misc.

So last week when I was back  home I got the double stroller that my parents so kindly bought for our baby gift! I had picked it out online, but had never seen it in person, so this weekend Lee helped me put it together so that we could see it for ourselves....I love it!!

It has 2 red seats, but we had taken the back seat off to try out our carseat with Brielle will  probably ride in her carseat when she's really little, b/c being the dead of winter I won't want to mess with getting her out of her carseat and putting her into the stroller seat. Can't believe I'll soon be pushing TWO baby girls around!

My favorite part? That it has the largest storage basket known to man!! :-)
When Raya got up the next morning I had her try it out. She LOVED it!! She threw a tantrum when I tried taking her out haha. We eventually had to put it downstairs b/c she kept crying and wanting to get in it!

This is what it  looks like when Raya's seat is turned to face me

In other news, today while Lee went fishing (the  poor guy was rained out of the fishing trip with her work buddies yesterday, and then today his friend that was supposed to go with was sick, and had been in the hospital yesterday! So then he called his neighbor friend, who was also home sick!! he had to go fishing by himself haha) Raya and I went into town to Petsmart--to see the animals!--and then to Barnes and Noble, where I found a great clearance on some books!!! Raya had so much fun checking out her new books...

This book  even makes noise!

Thanks for the books Mama!

Check out her you know the answer  to the question it poses?

The answer is "Raya" of course!!!

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  1. I'm glad you like the stroller, it is really sharp looking! I can't wait to see you push the girls around, we'll go shopping!
    Love, Grama F


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