Thursday, September 30, 2010

Potty Training Perhaps?

So the last two days Raya has been coming to me and pointing to her diaper and talking gibberish...and when I say "do you need your diaper changed?" she shakes her head yes and walks to her changing table, still pointing at her diaper (as though I'm going to forget where we're going haha). Makes me wonder if maybe she's nearing readiness for trying some early potty training?! I haven't done anything with it yet, but I might try putting her on the potty now every time I go, just to see what happens. In other news, she continues to do TONS of talking (gibberish mostly, but man she sure knows what she's saying!) haha...long drawn out conversations and she looks at me talking me ear off as though I'm totally supposed to know what she's saying lol. She's been a horrible napper lately, only sleeping barely 2 hours the whole day if I"m lucky, but today she actually is going on 2.5 hours so I thought I better sneak in an update now while I can!!

Ok, now for some pics :-) Missy Moe is still obsessed with her books!

You can see here how she's talking about the book....gibberish of course....but it was an entire narrative!

I love her little crossed ankles in this one :-P

Then the other night before her bath she ran around like a drunkard....all disshelved and drinking out of multiple sippys, b/c one just wasn't enough!

She was a stumbling fool with all that hair in her face!

Lastly, yesterday we had a movie party haha. She was totally into it--with her movie beverage of course!

That's all for today folks! Once Miss Raya wakes up from her nap I think we're going to get supplies to make rice krispie bars...yum! (Blame pregnancy cravings :-)


  1. Tooooo cute! She looks like she is totally reading those books.
    Grama F

  2. Cute, i want to see her again and hear all her gibberish!


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