Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tantrums are so last year.

My child LOVES to eat, as you all  welll know.

That last post with her crying? Yeah, she wanted to THAT SECOND....and I wasn't about to feed her supper at 3pm lol. But today? Well, I gave in and we did a cheerio snack :-)

And this shirt? Well, I mean come it not the cutest thing ever?!? Even better was watching her toddle around at Hu Hot today wearing it, while throwing a giant tantrum lol. Gotta love toddlers :-)

Here Griffin, you can have a cheerio too!

In other news, remember this adorable little owl jumper Raya wore way back when? It's a size 3 month...

So stinkin' cute that if I wasn't already pregnant my uterus would be begging for another baby right now :-P

Well, we discovered that Raya can STILL rock that 3 month jumper haha...she loved it!

See how petite and tiny I am? I'm still wearing size 3 months!

Hmmm, what else do I have for you all tonight? Well, Lee was a big fan of rainbow baby the other day...he approved of herr colorful top and she did too!

But oh my, she was NOT happy when I had the nerve to try and take her picture before breakfast...this child is like her Mama...she needs to eat immediately upon waking!!

Cue the dramatic cry

All better now!

That's about it, other than I wanted to share the cute caterpillar onesies I made for a friend of a friend's twin girls....I think they turned out so cute! I made them so the mom can lay the girls next to eachother and the caterpillars will be smiling at eachother haha :-)  (excuse the bad lighting in my house!)

Speaking of my etsy shop...Grandma F., do not worry, that baby shower order will be done this week! I have a onesie to make for Bridgett quick and then you're next...I will bring them back the next time I'm home, which will probably be next Wednesday/Thursday.

Tomorrow Grandma and Grandpa H. are coming to visit for the day b/c Grandma H. has been DYING to see Raya walk and every time they call we are busy, but we called them tonight and said tomorrow was their chance! :-) Then next weekend guess where Daddy is taking us?? To Minnesota!!! We originally  planned to go to see a Cardinals game but they are sucking right now so instead  he's taking us to the Minnesota Zoo and then maybe a Twins game and possibly a stop at Mall of America! This is big news b/c Lee HATES zoos haha...hopefully we have nice weather!

Well that's all for tonight...later everyone!

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  1. Love all the pics!!!!Raya is just too cute. That will be good if you bring my order soon, Angie keeps thinking she'll go early before the planned c-section!
    Can't wait to hear what Lees mom and dad think about Raya walking.
    Grama F


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