Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ultrasound update

So today I had my 24 (ish) week ob appointment...good news! Had my follow up ultrasound (since Brielle was measuring at the 3rd %ile for size at her ultrasound last month) and this time Brielle was at the 11th %ile. However I stressed to the ob again after my ultrasound that I am pretty confident that my due date of Jan. 9th is inaccurate, and I am almost certain it should be Jan. 15th. Well after reviewing all 3 of my ultrasounds and discussing the results with the 3 obs at my office they all agreed that yes, it seems my due date should be Jan. 15th instead, which means Brielle is measuring just perfectly, not small at all :-) They said everything else continues to look perfect and they at this time don't need me to have any more ultrasounds at all for the remainder of the pregnancy....clean bill of health! Yippee. Maybe she'll be  born on my birthday! Oh, and she was so funny during the ultrasound today...she was HYPER and she was flipping around and kept kicking the ultrasound tech's wand b/c she didn't like it on my belly....she had me and the tech laughing haha. The tech did let me watch her in 4D for awhile too, and I think she's looking (maybe) a little  less like Raya! Her nose seems a little  different, but  still way cute. Can't wait to see her (well I can, I'm still not ready to give up my sleep so moving the due date back  is fine by me haha)....maybe they should just  put a window in my belly though so that I can watch her and see what she looks like :-P

As  far as my health, I am finally above my prepregnancy weight! As  of last month I was still 3 pounds less than before I got pregnant, but I gained 7 lbs this past month, putting me 4 lbs above prepregnancy weight! It's still a low weight gain for this far along on average, but  they aren't worried at all since I was so nauseous in the beginning and I've started gaining plenty now.

Tomorrow we leave for MN! We have  our baseball tickets, hotel reserved, zoo trip planned, and mall of america on the itinerary :-) Today during Raya's nap I whipped  her up a Twins shirt to wear to the game haha.

I have a long sleeve red shirt to go underneath and red pants and red bow :-)

Then Grandma F., I have your shirts finished and will bring them back next week....I did the "little sister" shirt for the 3rd one, b/c I thought with two older brothers that might be cute :-) I also have a matching camo hair clippie and headband for the camo outfit.

Lastly, we wouldn't want to leave Miss  Raya  out! She's been so funny lately. Her new obsession is whenever I go to the bathroom (which is constantly anymore haha) she follows me and pulls off some toilet paper for herself, then uses it to "wipe" everything in sight while I'm peeing, and then she takes her toilet paper and throws it away in the kitchen haha. Today even she found a peice of paper on the floor in the living room and the next thing I know she's marching to the kitchen to throw it away! She's going to be a good little helper soon :-)

She won't  sit for pics with mama anymore!

That's it! I'll try to update about our trip on Monday!


  1. I'm, so glad that everything looked good, I'll stop worring!!! Cute shirts, I'm sure Angie and Brent will like them. Have fun this weekend.
    Love, Grama F

  2. like the little sister shirt, and cute hoodie on raya.


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