Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whiny Butt

Sometimes life just sucks....

Plaid is very "in" this season by the way :-)

...but at least Miss Raya can still look cute through all the doom and gloom!

Grandma, those are the "dress" shoes I decided on for addition to the tennis shoes you got her :-)
Short and sweet today people....nothing more to see here :-P


  1. Love those shoes, what brand are they? Why is miss Raya unhappy?
    Love,Grama F

  2. Those were just the cheapo brand that Kohls it called Jumping Beans maybe? They just always have some shoes hanging on plastic things on the wall in the shoe section and these were there...they're super cute! I think they were like 13 bucks or something.

    Miss Raya was just being a fuss butt. I think this particular instance she was mad b/c she wanted to eat lunch at like 10am :-P

  3. aww i love that outfit! i am right along w/ miss raya on the plaid being in this season (as you know, i just tried on a plaid dress last night.. haha).

    the shoes are cute!

  4. I actually see your comment this time Bridgett! :-)


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