Saturday, October 9, 2010

Raya's first pumpkin farm!

I  will warn you, this post is LONG and picture intensive :-P If you're wanting the short story it goes something like this:

This morning we went to a local pumpkin farm. Raya had fun! Mama had fun taking lots of pictures of her cute little fall model :-)

One of my favorite pics of the day!

After the pumpkin farm we went for a long drive looking at the leaves and then we did a little fishing. The End. now if you have places to go there's your quick update! However, if you want to know the details of our day and see tons of adorable pics then please continue :-)  ....

Ok loyal blog readers, here it goes! First, Raya was super  excited to be  going to her very first pumpkin farm today! She was trying desperately to get out the door on time this morning....

We had never been to this farm before so we weren't sure what to expect, but it ended up being PERFECT for Miss Raya. Totally geared toward the toddler and preschool crowd. The had a barn with lots of petting zoo type animals, some slides coming out of hay bales, a saddle swing thingy, a pirate ship filled with corn to play in, an area full of bouncey balls, a bunch of little riding toys, a little hayrack ride, and a "haunted trail" that was totally lame for adults, but totally scary for Raya! :-) 

Of course my main goal  of the morning was to get adorable pumpkin farm Miss Raya adorably modeled her pumpkin shirt and a tutu....which only she  could pull off the tutu look on a farm haha.

Our morning went something like this:

I actually didn't get very many pumpkin pics b/c all  the pumpkins were out in really bright light
and I had a heck of a time getting rid of shadows and stuff!

These fake pumpkins had much better lighting :-)

Someone offered to take a family pic for us in the petting zoo barn

Raya does NOT like to actually touch the animals

But really, can you blame her? I mean every where we turned I had THIS in my face!

She liked the hay bale slides much better :-)

She liked the "bump!" at the end (even though she looks slightly horrified in all  these pics lol)

She kept wanting to do it again and again!

This was the horsey saddle swing thingy...she wasn't  so sure about it

This was probably her most favorite part of the whole farm...this hay bale
 "playpen" filled with bouncey balls!
Daddy had to help her get her bounce on :-)

Now let's try THIS one Daddy!

Then Mama tried to get some posed fall pictures. Miss Raya is at a HORRIBLE age for this...she never looks at the camera, let alone even sits still so that the pic isn't a blurry photo of the back of her head haha. But I did get that very first picture I posted, plus this one here

Please sit still Raya!!!!

Good thing I'm trading her in for a newer model come camera will like a cooperative little girl again! :-P

Next was the area of riding toys. I had to laugh b/c Lee freaked out when Raya picked out the riding toy she wanted....he is mad that I've turned her girly girl and she immediately went for the pink tractor that said "miss farmer" on it hehe. Thatta girl :-)

We then tried to go in the pumpkin patch and have her sit with the pumpkins....yeah, that didn't happen :-P

So instead we walked the haunted  was just a little mowed trail with lots of blow up decorations and some motion sensored things, etc.

Raya loved walking first

....and then Daddy started torturing her...

....and after all  the torture Raya spent the rest of the haunted trail like this:

Whimpering a pitiful "Mama! Mama!"

I saved her from Daddy and we all went on a hayrack ride!

Then we walked back to the barn to play some more!

Isn't she precious?

She loved "driving" the boat full of corn :-)

And scooping the corn!
Then since we had already spent 2 hours there we told Raya it was time to go! But that didn't stop her from trying to pocket some pumpkins on the way out!

So as you can see, Raya's first pumpkin farm experience was a success! ....but that was not all we did today!! After a quick lunch and clothing change into something more fishing appropriate we all headed back out for a fun afternoon!

I'm ready to go again Mama!!

This was one of the fishing spots we found :-)

Raya just  kicked back to watch us fish!

My little pumpkin girl :-)

The first catch of the day wasn't much bigger than the bait  we were using!

Luckily Daddy did catch something bigger too...but  Raya wasn't  impressed!

Raya decided it  was more fun running through leaves than fishing

And playing ring around the rosie with the trees :-P

Oh, and of course tormenting Mama by refusing to leave her hair clippie in, and then giving me attitude about it!!!

Which leads me to the end of our day....we decided to try one last fishing spot and as we drove to it we assumed that Raya was hanging out happily in her carseat as usual. About 15 minutes later we arrive at our destination and when Lee pops open the back hatch I hear him yell "what did you do?!?!?!"

Of course I immediately run back there to see what has happened, and that's when I see perhaps the funniest thing I've seen in my entire life....THIS:

Not quite sure what you're looking at? Well maybe  this will help....

Need another hint?

The little shit had somehow, while strapped in her carseat, manuevered herself so as to get into her diaper bag, pull out the giant bag of cheerios, CHEW THROUGH THE BAG like a freaking mouse, and then proceed to dump them all over herself and eat them off her body. No, I'm serious. Even as we stood there in disbelief she continued to happily lick the cheerios off her chest and show us her chewed up baggy. When I got her up the entire bottom of her carseat was full of cheerios too! And people, it's not like we didn't feed her today. She had just gotten done eating a bunch of cheerios at the park!

Clearly she's starving :-P

So with that  we ended our fun filled family fun day! Hope you enjoyed the not so short update!!!!! :-)


  1. what pumpkin patch is that?

  2. I think it was called "Pumpkin Paradise" ....just outside Waverly on Killdeer Rd.

  3. What a way to end my day!!!!! I laughed till I cried. I'm not sure what part I like best, only Miss Raya can pull off a tutu at a pumpkin farm. it looks like you guys had a blast. when did she nap? The pictures at the end have got to be submitted to some where, you could win big bucks!!!!
    Love, Grama F

  4. She only napped about one hour in the car while we drove!

  5. all of the pics are so her outfit. we are taking Kaylee to the pumpkin patch sometime this week. the fish pics are too funny, the look on her face, priceless!


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