Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Elf Yourself 2010

Today's morning activity? Elf Yourself haha. The girls LOVED making these....we made like 10 and watched them over and over again haha.

Here's one (click the link):

elf yourself

Oh, and YIPPEE....I just got my coupon for 50 free Christmas cards....my last blog post successfully met all the requirements. Talk about a good deal! :-)

Now it's time for bed  I think...the girls' new thing is that all day long they say they're "done playing"....no matter what activity I set up or how many toys I have they claim to be bored after like 5 minutes....so all day long I found myself saying "ok, that's fine....if you're bored then you can go sit it timeout....it's your choice so which sounds more fun?"   That is  just  something that drives me CRAZY! :-P

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's that time again...Christmas card time with Shutterfly!

Most of you know that I ALWAYS do Christmas cards. It's always a big production too. Before we had human children our Christmas cards were of us and/or our furry "babies", and then once Miss Raya came along we added her to the mix! Last year was the first year we had the entire family, all 5 of us, and my oh my what a production that was! We set the timer on the camera and tried for probably 30 minutes to get a good picture, but between the dogs fighting with eachother, Raya not looking at the camera, Raya pulling her cute Christmas hat off every time I wasn't looking, etc. we barely get one decent photo to use! Regardless of the photo though I'm always able to come up with something super cute using Shutterfly and family and friends always love getting Christmas cards with photos!

Wasn't last year's card super cute?!

And the year  before that I made these fun "family" photo cards with Shutterfly!

This year I was debating whether I was going to be able to send out as many cards as I usually do, or if I was going to need to cut back and save some money, but then I found out Shutterfly was giving bloggers 50 FREE HOLIDAY CARDS if they blog about them! Well obviously that's a no brainer people, because I love blogging and I love making Shutterfly Christmas cards, so I am more than happy to spread the Shutterfly love and get my free cards! :-)  I've already made my mom's Xmas cards using Shutterfly, and for my own cards I'm eyeing a few different styles that I haven't quite narrowed down to one winner yet.

I really like the cards they have now that let you write out a "Christmas Letter", but God knows I love to ramble! But it's possible I've said everything that could possibly be said already in my blog, so many people probably don't need a Christmas letter from me lol

I think this card is super cute! ....but Miss Raya would REALLY have to cooperate for pictures in order for me to get one good enough to warrant this style haha

If we end up deciding to include whole family pics as well then this style would work nicely too!

So now I just need to try and set aside time this weekend for a little photoshoot and pray that Raya is cooperative! I think I have a festive outfit fitting for Christmas card pics, but I have no idea where I'll put Miss Raya so that she'll sit for a pic....wish us luck! :-)

....and be sure to get your own Shutterfly cards too...I'd love to get a fun photo card from you all as well!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2nd Thanksgiving....plus a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

So first off, today we had our 2nd Thanksgiving get together. This is my mom's side of the family and it's always fun to see the extended family! Miss Raya wore her turkey shirt get-up, boots, and hat and looked so stinkin' cute, but  do you think she'd pose for a nice picture?! NOPE! I chased her around the house for 10 minutes and didn't get a single nice picture of her outfit haha. Oh well....here are some shots I did get, and you can peice together the look on your own :-)

This is when I finally said "I give up!" about the picture....and the little stinker clearly was pleased with herself

 Then we had to get a picture of Harper and Raya in their matching turkey shirts! of course Harper couldn't quite focus her eyes on the camera ever :-P  ....and by this time Raya's hat had retired and been replaced with a hair clippie. I knew the hat wouldn't survive Raya for a whole day so I was prepared with back up! :-)

Cousin kisses!

Grandma kisses too!

Finally get Harper to lift her  head up and of course Raya isn't looking then!

So Thanksgiving(s) are officially OVER now. I ate great this weekend though....hope the scale at the ob office is kind to me!! :-)

.....and so that brings us to our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! (How many of you scrolled right to this part rather than reading in order??? hehe)    **warning, this is long and contains rambling I'm sure**

The big announcement is.....Lee got a new job and we'll be moving back to my home town soon!!!!! You may remember a couple weeks back I think I mentioned that Lee had gotten an interview at Rockwell? Well He had the interview last Friday and heard that very next Monday already that he got the position!! I'm super proud! Frankly I thought his chances were slim considering the job was for a senior level position haha....but hey, apparently what do I know?! So his official title I believe will be Senior Electrical Manufacturing Engineer....don't ask me what he'll be doing though! All i know is that he somehow will design and/or troubleshoot some sort of data panels etc. that go in military and commerical aircraft. The job comes with a little bit of a pay raise which is obviously nice, but more importantly he had kind of topped out at his current company and this new job will allow for him to continue moving up in the future. He is also very excited about being able to use his master's degree in this new position, b/c it has more to do with manufacturing. And much to our surprise they gave him a nice relocation package too! (I'm used to being a school psych and getting squat haha....if I ever wanted a new job and had to move they'd say "good luck!"....but Rockwell is giving us a substantial chunk of money to put towards moving related expenses, plus they have a company that will sell our house and help us buy a new one, allowing us to save 3% on closing costs each time...and they also pay for movers to move us, they pay for an inspection and appraisals when we buy our new house, and they pay Lee's mileage back and forth while he commutes until our house sells...so now we just need to find a buyer for our house, which this time of year could be a challenge....so wish us luck!

For anyone who is my facebook friend, this isn't really facebook knowledge yet so keep it quiet haha. Lee still wants to personally tell a few more work people....but he starts the new job Jan. 4th and he gets 2 weeks off for xmas, so he basically had to give his notice already to his current job. As long as he passes his drug test and background checks etc. we should be good to go Jan. 4th!!! Pretty sure that shouldn't be a problem lol :-) However he is still pretty nervous that somehow something is going to fall through last minute so let's all hope everything goes smoothly, or we'll be living in my parents' basement for sure with no job! :-P

Now the bad news....yes, you read that right earlier. His new job starts Jan. 4th. My due date has ranged from jan. 6th to the current Jan. 15th.....which means that RIGHT as I'm ready to have a new baby Lee will be working over an hour away, during snowstorm season, and working longer hours than his current job. Cue Shawna freaking out! :-) Also he won't have any vacation days saved up at the new job yet and they don't offer paternity leave....you just have to use vacation days....so he's been told that they'll give him a day or two of vacation credit so-to-say, but in general he'll basically get off work long enough to help me have the baby at the hospital and then he'll be back to work a day or two later! The t iming of this is splendid isn't it? :-) Oh well....we will survive I'm sure! I've already said that in no way will we even consider listing our house for sale until February, and even then I don't know how I'll be keeping the house up for showings etc. so we'll be playing it by ear. I'd love to be moved by Raya's birthday in May, but we'll see....the market is kinda slow. Our relocation package is good for 1 year though so we do have some time. Send anyone looking to move to this area our way....our house is really nice and I'd take it with us if we could! :-) I mean, 5  bedrooms....who couldn't use that kind of space?!

Oh yeah, I kinda forgot to mention that we plan now to move back to my hometown (or within a few minute radius) so Raya will be getting lots more Grandma and Grandpa F. time as well and spending lots more time with cousins Sawyer and Harper! They may even all be at the same school now and perhaps Raya will get aunt Emily for a teacher eventually hehe. It'll also cut about 1.5 hours off our drive to Lee's family, which will be nice. We've already started looking at houses a little bit online, but obviously we have no idea what may still be available when our house sells, and we definitely won't be risking having 2 mortgages at once!

So there you have it....lots of new and exciting changes coming in 2011! Hopefully everything continues to go well as Lee finalizes the paperwork at his new job and I hope he ends up liking it as much as he expects to, b/c it better be a dang fun job to commute that far until we sell our house!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ready for the runway

Grandma F. seems to think that Miss Raya has too many clothes (gasp!)

To that I say what good is it to finally have a real life dress up doll if Little Miss Thang's closet isn't packed full of fun dress up clothes?! :-)

You work it girl....don't  listen to Grandma. :-p

In my defense, I'm pretty sure she's worn those jeans before :-P

Baby Brielle, I hope you're ready to work the runway like big sister....she's set the bar pretty high!

....and yes, she was the talk of the mall when we were out and about today. Daddy was mighty proud :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Decorating the baby :-P

Since I can't decorate the Christmas tree yet (we're getting a real one later), I've enjoyed decorating Miss Raya instead! Today we broke out our other pair of ruffle bottom pants, paired with a "Santa Rocks" shirt and festive hair clippie :-)

She was lovin' the getup!

We took it easy at home today. No desire to go fight the crowds in town today!!! So instead Raya got to watch some Winnie the Pooh, we read books, played with toys, and had an all around relaxing day!

She thinks  it's hilarious to put my shoes on now and walk around haha

Then tonight we got out our other pair of festive pjs...I  wish I had such an extensive pj wardrobe too!

I don't think she quite understand that "staying up for Santa" is a Christmas Eve thing....she kept looking out the window like she was looking for him!

Tonight I spent some time cleaning out the playroom closet so that it can become Brielle's closet...and in the process I found a huge bag of change, so Raya was excited to feed her piggy!

She loves to feed her pig, but I feel like I have to watch her closely so she doesn't try to eat the money! So Santa is bringing her a fisher price piggy bank toy with toy coins that she can play with--hopefully she likes it!

When she's all done feeding the piggy we always give him kisses :-)

Then she huffs and puffs as she tries to carry him back to the closet....he's getting heavy b/c she feeds him so often!

That's it for today! To end I have a couple pics to share from the other day. First, I finished the hats that the twins' mom ordered from me and I had them model them for me before they went home Wednesday haha. The one  twin is always purple and the other is always pink (to tell their stuff apart) so their hats were done accordingly to match their winter coats. I think they turned out cute!

Then finally, Wednesday Raya decided that Mr. Owl is cool again, and she carried him around all day! She even took him for a ride in her cozy coupe!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

From my cute little family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful day back home at my parents (and Lee's parents came up to celebrate with us too, which was nice b/c it saved us from having to drive to IL!). There was TONS of food....I think my mom made enough to feed a small army!

....and Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed having all the grandkids at the same time!

Grandma and Grandpa H. also enjoyed seeing Miss Raya!

I was happy to see that Harper was sporting her turkey shirt!! Raya will be wearing hers to our big family Thanksgiving on Sunday!

It was a good thing I made this in size 6 month afterall, b/c she's
turned in to quite a chunk! :-)

 Poor Harper didn't think our photoshoots were fun...

Raya tried to tell her it wasn't so bad!

Hope you all had a wonderful day as well! I'm very thankful for my little family and can't wait to celebrate next year with Brielle too!!

And now that Thanksgiving is officially over you know what that means? BRING ON CHRISTMAS! You should have seen my happy smile as I broke out some of Raya's holiday pjs. I even taught her to say "ho, ho, ho!"

I don't plan to do much decorating this year b/c if Brielle comes a little early I don't want to have all kinds of decorations to put away when I'm dealing with a newborn!! BUT we will most certainly be going to the tree farm again this year to pick out the perfect tree! Maybe next weekend, so stay tuned....

....also stay tuned for some BIG NEWS that will be revealed soon! Just waiting for the all clear from Lee to make the big announcement :-)  ....and if you already know then shhhhhh  hehe

Later everyone!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brielle Update 32ish weeks

So last night I had another doctor's appt. I'm currently 32.5 weeks along! I went to the appt. suspecting I might have a UTI, and the test showed that a was really borderline, but they said if  I felt I had symptoms they would treat me so Lee is supposed to pick up my meds for that after work today. Other than that things seems to be moving along well! They did express very slight concern about my weight. I barely gained 1/2 a pound in the last 2 weeks, which puts me at 2.5 lbs for the month. She said that usually at this stage women gain more quickly so she did want to check and make sure I wasn't dieting or exercising more than normal haha. (She must not know me very well obviously! :-P) I told her I can't really help it, but for whatever reason this baby just doesn't want to be a chunker like her sister! I also told her that it probably doesn't help that I chase after 3 toddlers all day and while I'm certainly not dieting I don't eat a ton b/c if I try to eat when it's not mealtime for Raya she throws major tantrums for food, and by the time I get all the kids fed and try to feed myself the kids are done eating already and want up! The doctor said to just pig out at Thanksgiving so that's my plan :-) By uterus is still measuring about 1 week behind, but they aren't concerned at all. It  DID grow 2 weeks worth in the last 2 weeks so Brielle's growth seems totally fine...just sounds like maybe I'll have a 7lber this time and not a 10 lber! (Speaking of which, one of my friends had her baby yesterday and he weighed in at 10lbs 11oz and 25 inches long!!!! He's so cute, but she practically gave birth to a toddler! haha....I won't try to break  that record :-P  I think that's about all  from my appt.....oh, blood pressure was perfect as normal....they always comment on my nice low blood pressure haha.

To end, here are a couple pics  of Miss Raya from last night. She no longer likes her Gigglebellies movie....for the last couple weeks she's been OBSESSED with Winnie the Pooh!! I have one Winnie the Pooh movie and she watched once and ever since then that's all she wants...and like yesterday the twins wanted to watch Gigglebellies and Raya saw me putting in the movie and she *thought* I was putting in Pooh so she got all excited and sat down waiting, and when the movie came on she FREAKED OUT, screaming and crying and throwing herself at the DVD movie cabinet saying "pooh! pooh! pooh!" over and over again lol. So last night she started crying for Pooh again and we decided to let her watch a little Pooh on the computer since we didn't want to watch it on tv....she was thrilled!

Here she sat before bed watching her beloved Pooh

The really funny part was that after a few minutes the computer screen would go into sleep mode and turn black, since it wasn't being touched...and when that happened Raya would look at us and go "uh oh! uh oh! uh oh!" ....and so Lee would run his finger across the mouse pad to turn it back on. Well after he did that like 2 times then the next time it happened she very calmly took her little finger and did it herself! Smart little thing.

She got mad that I was taking pics during her  movie and bothering her...

Notice her fat lip in the bottom corner? She fell yesterday :-(

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hat of the day club

I feel like this blog has turned into the hat of the day club! :-) However I just couldn't stop myself....I had to make another hat during nap time today....I'm obsessed! haha. I don't think I can stop until I've tried all my patterns :-P

Unfortunately Miss Raya does NOT like my monkey hat I made her! I made it for her to grow into so I think it's just too easy for her to take off haha. But guess what? The twins were wearing monkey shirt today and they LOVE my monkey hat! Lydia has asked to try it on like 4 times haha....they think it's so funny.

So, since Raya  wasn't being a good model I  made do with the two good girls I did have!

Good girl #2

My naughty girl....

And lastly, the hat can be made without the flower....and I can trim it in any color so it could be for a baby boy or gender nuetral. May become my new go-to baby gift!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Monkey

Remember how I said Raya climbs up on everything now? Well this morning we were getting ready to go into town (the twins ended up staying with Grandma today so Raya  and I got to live it up!) and when I came back from putting my coat on I saw Raya, turning her jeep into a jungle gym!

I caught ya!!

She ended up getting stuck  on top and she called for me saying "stuck! stuck!" haha. When I sat her correctly in the jeep so acted PO'd that I had ruined  her  climbing fun :-P

The child has major attitude

...and just b/c she was so damn cute at breakfast....

Later gators!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In other news....

So I realize the last couple updates have not included any Raya related info, so here are some new tidbits for everyone :-)

Raya's latest thing is she loves to say "uh-oh!"  and says it ALL. THE. TIME. If the tv shuts off she says it, if she drops something on the floor she says it, if the puppies do something naughty she says it, and sometimes she appears to just say it for fun! Lee now calls them her "uh-oh hiccups" b/c it sounds like she's hiccuping the way she repetitively says it over and over and over again lol.

She also loves to climb on our kitchen table, which is incredibly annoying. She pulls out the chairs, climbs up on the table, and crawls to the center of the table to get our napkins and wipe her mouth. Once she gets it in her head that she wants to do this there is no stopping h er. We continually say "no!" and pull her away and then she tantrums and immediately goes back to trying again the second we're not looking. Such a little monkey she is now!

Grandma will be happy to know (since she's getting Raya baby stuff for Xmas) that Raya is still loving her baby! Yesterday Lee and I were packing up stuff for Goodwill and Raya was playing in her playroom. I peeked  in to check on her and died laughing. She had gotten my boppy pillow and put it on the floor, then sat in it with her baby and was feeding her baby a bottle and reading her books! She played by herself really well for almost an hour :-o 

Then today I looked over to see this:

She had very carefully sat her baby and bottle in the car next to her  to go for a ride! Whenever the baby would tip over she'd say "uh-oh!" and make me sit her up again haha

Checking her butt for poop :-P

Hmm, what else? Well, I'm officially almost done xmas shopping for Raya, so that's good! I have one more little toy that I want to pick up for her and then I think she'll be about set from us. Now to get started working on buying for the rest of our families!

I have another doctor's appt. on Tuesday so I'll have a Brielle update then. Still  feeling pretty good, but the last week or two I've started getting more out of breath. I still feel pretty small compared to Raya though so that's good. I think it helps that Brielle is sitting lower b/c she's not invading as much of my lung space :-) Less than 5 weeks until I'm "full term" and less than 8 until my due date! I feel like I have tons to do still in order to get ready....she better not come early!

To end, yes another hat update lol. I know Grandma F. will want to see yet another revision on the snowflake hat though haha. I tried making a smaller snowflake and did succeed....Lee said he preferred the smaller snowflake to the revised snowflake flower version in the last post, so I did manage to remove the old one and replace it with this new snowflake. Raya wasn't cooperating for pics, but you can see the snowflake now fits the hat much better.

And lastly, I have one  more hat to share, but let me tell you it was an ordeal! I finished the hat and realized that of course while the other hats ran big, this one appears to run small...so of course it was a snug fit on Miss Raya....but besides that, the brim of that hat obviously did not turn out correctly! haha. Instead of being a true "brim" it hugged her forehead tight and looked very strange hahaha

I read and re-read the pattern and just could not figure out what I did  wrong! However I really liked the pattern and the cool "piping" ribs on the top of the hat and such and hated to waste the time and effort I had in the hat, so I took a gamble and cut off the brim of the hat, peiced it back together, and made up my own directions to attempt to redo it. To my shock and surprise it actually worked!

The hat is still on the small side for Miss Raya, but I love the design. She may wear it to Thanksgiving and then we'll probably pass it along to someone with a smaller head and I'll just make her a bigger one :-) Once again she was being a brat for pics, so this actually looks way cuter in person. I decided I also like it with wisps of her hair hanging down around her ears, but I didn't get a pic of that.

See how the brim no longer is stuck to her forehead lol

In the future I may attach the flower to a hair clippie so that different colored ones can be interchanged ...

That's  it for tonight! Probably won't have any new hat creations for awhile now haha....I have 3 or 4 etsy orders that came in right before I closed up shop and I need to work on those this week!

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!