Wednesday, November 17, 2010

18 months old

Tomorrow morning my baby girl will be a year and a half old! 18 months....I can't believe it!

New developments this month? Well, she's officially in to EVERYTHING! Today was a good example- Not only did Raya sneak off in a split second while we were playing downstairs and get into Lee's bar, throwing and breaking glass on the floor!....but she also managed to get into Lee's work papers on the table and then cover herself in scotch tape while I was on the phone with Lee's mom! Then when I was on the phone with my mom I look up to find that Raya had opened the tv stand drawer, picked out her movie, opened the dvd case and removed the dvd, opened the dvd player and (correctly) inserted the dvd into the player, and then pushed the button on the tv to start her movie!!!!! Good grief child....could you be any more subtle about wanting to watch Gigglebellies?! :-P

She's still having fun with the twins during the day. Yesterday they played on the new slide toy for about 4 hours! It's definitely a love/hate relationship that Raya has with them though. One minute she's giving them hugs and the next minute she's headbutting them! (Headbutting is her new thing....if they are in her way or too close to my lap etc. she will headbutt them haha. It usually starts as a playful headbutt but then the twins push back and soon it's an all out pushing/headbutting war!)

The other funny thing she does with the twins is have great empathy when they're sad. If they cry for some reason, she cries too! And if they have to go to time out she either insists on sitting right with them or she cries for me to let them out of timeout haha.

(The twins are good, but they usually  have a timeout or two each day for things like getting into my drawers or pushing dishwasher buttons, etc. All my "no nos" are very tempting for them!)

Notice that Raya seems to be the only one upset about this timeout haha.
 And when they cry it totally devastates Miss Raya!

Hmmm, what else about Miss 18 month Raya? Well, her hair style continues to evolve haha. First it was her newborn style...short and dark with a long patch in back. Then it thinned for awhile before it started growing in around 9 months, and we were able to do her first tiny pigtails right on top! By 12 months it had lightened up and we were doing the whole top of the head ponytail to keep her bangs out of her eyes. Then the last few months we've either continued the ponytail on top or done the side swoop hair clippie while we grow out her bangs. Which bring us to the current hair style:

We've been doing the low and in the back piggy tails!

Lee really doesn't want her hair cut since we're wanting to grow it out, but she's got a pretty decent chunk of long hair that hangs in the back, and the problem is that the hair back there is CONSTANTLY getting covered in food! When she eats and gets her hands all dirty she has a tendancy to touch her hair and it gets sticky and gross and then she dribbles food on her neck and turns her head, getting her hair even more sticky, etc. So my solution? Piggytails.

We still have to do the side swoop clippie for her bangs though...
They just aren't long enough to reach the piggytails!

So happy 18 months Miss Raya Marie! Can't believe that at 19 or 20 months old you will be a BIG sister!

Lastly, here are some pictures of Raya from a couple nights ago....Daddy actually (all on his own!) brought home a new shirt for says "born to farm" haha. It's actually pretty darn cute!

Here is a very dirty Raya "modeling" her farm wear :-)

She is such a goofy girl....she loves to run away from me now when I try to do things like take her picture or change her diaper....and she mocks me with this look as she squeals away!

Later gators!


  1. Happy Birthday Raya!!! I can't believe how fast the time goes, toooo fast! I love the picture where the one twin is in time out cring and Raya is pointing at her cring!!! It shows she has great empathy!!!
    Love, Grama F

  2. Happy 18 Months Old Miss Raya. Its crazy how fast time goes...I cant believe in 14 days I will have 2 little girls. She is a cutie, Kaylee doesn't like to hear other ppl cry she pretend cries with them..LOL


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