Sunday, November 28, 2010


So first off, today we had our 2nd Thanksgiving get together. This is my mom's side of the family and it's always fun to see the extended family! Miss Raya wore her turkey shirt get-up, boots, and hat and looked so stinkin' cute, but  do you think she'd pose for a nice picture?! NOPE! I chased her around the house for 10 minutes and didn't get a single nice picture of her outfit haha. Oh are some shots I did get, and you can peice together the look on your own :-)

This is when I finally said "I give up!" about the picture....and the little stinker clearly was pleased with herself

 Then we had to get a picture of Harper and Raya in their matching turkey shirts! of course Harper couldn't quite focus her eyes on the camera ever :-P  ....and by this time Raya's hat had retired and been replaced with a hair clippie. I knew the hat wouldn't survive Raya for a whole day so I was prepared with back up! :-)

Cousin kisses!

Grandma kisses too!

Finally get Harper to lift her  head up and of course Raya isn't looking then!

So Thanksgiving(s) are officially OVER now. I ate great this weekend though....hope the scale at the ob office is kind to me!! :-)

.....and so that brings us to our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! (How many of you scrolled right to this part rather than reading in order??? hehe)    **warning, this is long and contains rambling I'm sure**

The big announcement is.....Lee got a new job and we'll be moving back to my home town soon!!!!! You may remember a couple weeks back I think I mentioned that Lee had gotten an interview at Rockwell? Well He had the interview last Friday and heard that very next Monday already that he got the position!! I'm super proud! Frankly I thought his chances were slim considering the job was for a senior level position haha....but hey, apparently what do I know?! So his official title I believe will be Senior Electrical Manufacturing Engineer....don't ask me what he'll be doing though! All i know is that he somehow will design and/or troubleshoot some sort of data panels etc. that go in military and commerical aircraft. The job comes with a little bit of a pay raise which is obviously nice, but more importantly he had kind of topped out at his current company and this new job will allow for him to continue moving up in the future. He is also very excited about being able to use his master's degree in this new position, b/c it has more to do with manufacturing. And much to our surprise they gave him a nice relocation package too! (I'm used to being a school psych and getting squat haha....if I ever wanted a new job and had to move they'd say "good luck!"....but Rockwell is giving us a substantial chunk of money to put towards moving related expenses, plus they have a company that will sell our house and help us buy a new one, allowing us to save 3% on closing costs each time...and they also pay for movers to move us, they pay for an inspection and appraisals when we buy our new house, and they pay Lee's mileage back and forth while he commutes until our house now we just need to find a buyer for our house, which this time of year could be a wish us luck!

For anyone who is my facebook friend, this isn't really facebook knowledge yet so keep it quiet haha. Lee still wants to personally tell a few more work people....but he starts the new job Jan. 4th and he gets 2 weeks off for xmas, so he basically had to give his notice already to his current job. As long as he passes his drug test and background checks etc. we should be good to go Jan. 4th!!! Pretty sure that shouldn't be a problem lol :-) However he is still pretty nervous that somehow something is going to fall through last minute so let's all hope everything goes smoothly, or we'll be living in my parents' basement for sure with no job! :-P

Now the bad news....yes, you read that right earlier. His new job starts Jan. 4th. My due date has ranged from jan. 6th to the current Jan. 15th.....which means that RIGHT as I'm ready to have a new baby Lee will be working over an hour away, during snowstorm season, and working longer hours than his current job. Cue Shawna freaking out! :-) Also he won't have any vacation days saved up at the new job yet and they don't offer paternity just have to use vacation he's been told that they'll give him a day or two of vacation credit so-to-say, but in general he'll basically get off work long enough to help me have the baby at the hospital and then he'll be back to work a day or two later! The t iming of this is splendid isn't it? :-) Oh well....we will survive I'm sure! I've already said that in no way will we even consider listing our house for sale until February, and even then I don't know how I'll be keeping the house up for showings etc. so we'll be playing it by ear. I'd love to be moved by Raya's birthday in May, but we'll see....the market is kinda slow. Our relocation package is good for 1 year though so we do have some time. Send anyone looking to move to this area our way....our house is really nice and I'd take it with us if we could! :-) I mean, 5  bedrooms....who couldn't use that kind of space?!

Oh yeah, I kinda forgot to mention that we plan now to move back to my hometown (or within a few minute radius) so Raya will be getting lots more Grandma and Grandpa F. time as well and spending lots more time with cousins Sawyer and Harper! They may even all be at the same school now and perhaps Raya will get aunt Emily for a teacher eventually hehe. It'll also cut about 1.5 hours off our drive to Lee's family, which will be nice. We've already started looking at houses a little bit online, but obviously we have no idea what may still be available when our house sells, and we definitely won't be risking having 2 mortgages at once!

So there you have it....lots of new and exciting changes coming in 2011! Hopefully everything continues to go well as Lee finalizes the paperwork at his new job and I hope he ends up liking it as much as he expects to, b/c it better be a dang fun job to commute that far until we sell our house!


  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't wait until it's all done, and you guys are safe and sound and happy here! It will be alot of work and stress but the outcome will be worth it!!!!Love,
    Grama F

  2. Congrats on all the happy life events. ; )
    I'd say look at our house in Lisbon, but its probably not big enough. Love reading the blog.

  3. Thanks! I didn't know you had a house for sale in Lisbon, but yeah, Lee is pretty insistant that we'll be getting another acreage in the country...and with 5 bedrooms now I don't think I'll be able to convince myself to scale back to any less than 4 bedrooms in the new place--we have too much crap! :-)

  4. Congrats Shawna!! That is great news...I'm going to miss you though!!!


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