Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby doll

So today Miss Raya finally  discovered the joy of baby dolls. She has pretty much always hated any sort of doll or stuffed animal (much to my dismay!) but today she found a baby bottle with "real" milk in it and oh my, she thought it was the coolest thing ever. I showed her how to feed her camo baby (it's really the only baby we have other than a completely soft infant one) and I showed her how to "burp" the baby and check it's butt for poop :-P She carried the thing around pretty much all day, and I started to think the only reason she liked it was b/c the twins wanted it from her lol....but  even after the twins left Raya still carried it around most of the night and even watched her bedtime movie while feeding her baby at the same time :-)

She was way  too interested  in the baby to look at me for pics...

Of course she had to check and see how the milk tasted!

I think we've decided that for Christmas Grandma F. is going to outfit Miss Raya with everything baby doll now :-) We like this little doll nursery center for her:

And Grandma, this is my favorite doll I've found that I think she'll actually many of the hard plastic dolls are so ugly! ...but this one is pretty cute:

....we also saw this doll at Walmart tonight and even though it makes noise Raya really liked it! The faces it makes are hilarious. She thought it was so cool how the doll sucked on it's paci lol

Ok, back to our day :-)

I told the girls NOT to do the squinty eye smile....I got these very "natural" looks instead haha

And lastly, tonight we went out to dinner and I decided Miss Raya needed to wear her snow boots, since obviously we haven't had any snow yet to warrant their use, but I just think they're so cute! :-) She was very uncooperative for the pics, but trust me, she looked too stinkin' cute. At dinnner everyone commented on her furry boots hehe ( i have no idea why it looks like the zippers on her boots are glowing....they don't :-P

That's it....happy weekend everyone! My weekend includes lots and lots of sewing! After tonight Shawna is removing her turkey shirts and cutting off Thanksgiving orders...those things were popular!


  1. I like the interactive baby doll, Raya seems to like her too? We'll have to see if it fits in the nursery center. Rayas winter attire is very cute!
    Love, Grama F

  2. Yep, she was very interested in that baby. She was trying to shove her hand into the little hole in the box in order to get the paci in the baby's mouth! The doll wasn't that big....should definitely fit in any of the nursery centers. Walmart had a couple different ones in the store I was at....different outfits to pick or whatever. They all looked like the same face.


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