Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brielle Update 30ish weeks

Just  a quick  update tonight....I  had a doctor's appointment today and they basically told me I am the picture of perfect pregnant lady health :-) My urine is perfect, my blood pressure is perfect, I only gained 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks which is perfect, and they said my uterus is measuring right where it should be. Brielle was hyper hyper tonight and giving the nurse a run for her money trying to "catch" her for the heartbeat reading haha, but we eventually clocked her at almost 160 bpm. All in all they said things couldn't look better and from now until delivery we're just  waiting for baby to get nice and fat :-)

I'm still feeling relatively good, but the 3rd trimester exhaustion has definitely hit me! I'm sure the time change and watching twins full time doesn't help with that either haha. I'm also having trouble sleeping b/c of all the weird dreams, which was a constant problem with my last pregnancy too. About 2 nights ago I dreamt that I went to my doctor appt. and was told that my stomach had grown 6 weeks worth in only 2 weeks!!! ....and when I asked the doctor if I should be concerned about that she said "let's do rock, paper, scissors to find out" lol. So yeah, crazy dreams :-P

Sorry people, that's all I have tonight. No pics! I'm just too stinkin' tired and have to go make turkey onesies for triplets yet  tonight so I'm not motivated to upload any pictures. Maybe  tomorrow!

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  1. Glad Brielle is doing great! Wish you guys lived closer so I could help you out a little easier!
    Grama F


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