Friday, November 19, 2010

Crafty Mama

Sorry for so many  updates lately but  I just had to share my newest endeavor! With so many girls in the family I had decided that I was being silly for buying hats on etsy without even trying to make them myself. It's been YEARS since I've crocheted, but I'm pretty darn talented if I do say so myself :-) last night I had an inkling to try making Raya a hat to see how it turned  out.


I just used yarn I had laying around the house but now I'm totally motivated to go get some more yarn and try out other patterns! You can buy tons of super adorable  patterns on Etsy for only a couple bucks, and they come with directions for making sizes infant through adult, so I can pay $3 for example and now make this hat for all eternity as many times as I want! I  also have a monkey, owl, and another little flower hat pattern to try as of now....can't wait to get started!

With that said, I did officially close my Etsy shop yesterday to begin my holiday break and maternity leave. I wanted to have a couple months to focus on "nesting" for the new baby haha....and now of course to crochet! I'm still going to take orders from family and friends though, so if you're needing xmas presents etc. just let me know!

Here are just  a couple more pics of Miss Raya modeling her new hat this morning. She has no idea how many hats will be coming her way now lol.

This hat actually has a really cool "shell" pattern and then a neat little band at the bottom. The pattern was super easy for me to follow....I made it in about 3-4 hours while  watching TV. I'll get faster the more I practice I'm sure.

Thanks for "listening" while  I pat myself on the back about my creation! :-)


  1. omg I love it...i wish i could crochet! will you be selling hats on your etsy? I would totally buy some from you, it turned out great

  2. How in the world did you do that!!!! That is the cutest of any of Rayas hats!!!!! Love the pattern,and color, did you make the flower on it also?
    Grama F

  3. Yep, I made the whole thing :-) I'm talented like that haha. I think in the future I might attach the flower(s) to a hair clippie and that way I'd be able to change out the flowers for different colors. This one though is sewn to the hat.


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