Friday, November 26, 2010

Decorating the baby :-P

Since I can't decorate the Christmas tree yet (we're getting a real one later), I've enjoyed decorating Miss Raya instead! Today we broke out our other pair of ruffle bottom pants, paired with a "Santa Rocks" shirt and festive hair clippie :-)

She was lovin' the getup!

We took it easy at home today. No desire to go fight the crowds in town today!!! So instead Raya got to watch some Winnie the Pooh, we read books, played with toys, and had an all around relaxing day!

She thinks  it's hilarious to put my shoes on now and walk around haha

Then tonight we got out our other pair of festive pjs...I  wish I had such an extensive pj wardrobe too!

I don't think she quite understand that "staying up for Santa" is a Christmas Eve thing....she kept looking out the window like she was looking for him!

Tonight I spent some time cleaning out the playroom closet so that it can become Brielle's closet...and in the process I found a huge bag of change, so Raya was excited to feed her piggy!

She loves to feed her pig, but I feel like I have to watch her closely so she doesn't try to eat the money! So Santa is bringing her a fisher price piggy bank toy with toy coins that she can play with--hopefully she likes it!

When she's all done feeding the piggy we always give him kisses :-)

Then she huffs and puffs as she tries to carry him back to the closet....he's getting heavy b/c she feeds him so often!

That's it for today! To end I have a couple pics to share from the other day. First, I finished the hats that the twins' mom ordered from me and I had them model them for me before they went home Wednesday haha. The one  twin is always purple and the other is always pink (to tell their stuff apart) so their hats were done accordingly to match their winter coats. I think they turned out cute!

Then finally, Wednesday Raya decided that Mr. Owl is cool again, and she carried him around all day! She even took him for a ride in her cozy coupe!

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  1. That child has so much clothes!!!!The twins hats turned out very cute, I love that pattern! Mr Owl is soo cute in Rayas car, I'm glad she likes him again.
    Grama F


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