Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

From my cute little family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful day back home at my parents (and Lee's parents came up to celebrate with us too, which was nice b/c it saved us from having to drive to IL!). There was TONS of food....I think my mom made enough to feed a small army!

....and Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed having all the grandkids at the same time!

Grandma and Grandpa H. also enjoyed seeing Miss Raya!

I was happy to see that Harper was sporting her turkey shirt!! Raya will be wearing hers to our big family Thanksgiving on Sunday!

It was a good thing I made this in size 6 month afterall, b/c she's
turned in to quite a chunk! :-)

 Poor Harper didn't think our photoshoots were fun...

Raya tried to tell her it wasn't so bad!

Hope you all had a wonderful day as well! I'm very thankful for my little family and can't wait to celebrate next year with Brielle too!!

And now that Thanksgiving is officially over you know what that means? BRING ON CHRISTMAS! You should have seen my happy smile as I broke out some of Raya's holiday pjs. I even taught her to say "ho, ho, ho!"

I don't plan to do much decorating this year b/c if Brielle comes a little early I don't want to have all kinds of decorations to put away when I'm dealing with a newborn!! BUT we will most certainly be going to the tree farm again this year to pick out the perfect tree! Maybe next weekend, so stay tuned....

....also stay tuned for some BIG NEWS that will be revealed soon! Just waiting for the all clear from Lee to make the big announcement :-)  ....and if you already know then shhhhhh  hehe

Later everyone!!


  1. Love the pics!!! Rayas xmas pjs very cute!!!!
    See everyone Sunday.
    Grama F

  2. Your little girl is such a doll!
    Found your blog through babycenter!


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