Sunday, November 21, 2010

In other news....

So I realize the last couple updates have not included any Raya related info, so here are some new tidbits for everyone :-)

Raya's latest thing is she loves to say "uh-oh!"  and says it ALL. THE. TIME. If the tv shuts off she says it, if she drops something on the floor she says it, if the puppies do something naughty she says it, and sometimes she appears to just say it for fun! Lee now calls them her "uh-oh hiccups" b/c it sounds like she's hiccuping the way she repetitively says it over and over and over again lol.

She also loves to climb on our kitchen table, which is incredibly annoying. She pulls out the chairs, climbs up on the table, and crawls to the center of the table to get our napkins and wipe her mouth. Once she gets it in her head that she wants to do this there is no stopping h er. We continually say "no!" and pull her away and then she tantrums and immediately goes back to trying again the second we're not looking. Such a little monkey she is now!

Grandma will be happy to know (since she's getting Raya baby stuff for Xmas) that Raya is still loving her baby! Yesterday Lee and I were packing up stuff for Goodwill and Raya was playing in her playroom. I peeked  in to check on her and died laughing. She had gotten my boppy pillow and put it on the floor, then sat in it with her baby and was feeding her baby a bottle and reading her books! She played by herself really well for almost an hour :-o 

Then today I looked over to see this:

She had very carefully sat her baby and bottle in the car next to her  to go for a ride! Whenever the baby would tip over she'd say "uh-oh!" and make me sit her up again haha

Checking her butt for poop :-P

Hmm, what else? Well, I'm officially almost done xmas shopping for Raya, so that's good! I have one more little toy that I want to pick up for her and then I think she'll be about set from us. Now to get started working on buying for the rest of our families!

I have another doctor's appt. on Tuesday so I'll have a Brielle update then. Still  feeling pretty good, but the last week or two I've started getting more out of breath. I still feel pretty small compared to Raya though so that's good. I think it helps that Brielle is sitting lower b/c she's not invading as much of my lung space :-) Less than 5 weeks until I'm "full term" and less than 8 until my due date! I feel like I have tons to do still in order to get ready....she better not come early!

To end, yes another hat update lol. I know Grandma F. will want to see yet another revision on the snowflake hat though haha. I tried making a smaller snowflake and did succeed....Lee said he preferred the smaller snowflake to the revised snowflake flower version in the last post, so I did manage to remove the old one and replace it with this new snowflake. Raya wasn't cooperating for pics, but you can see the snowflake now fits the hat much better.

And lastly, I have one  more hat to share, but let me tell you it was an ordeal! I finished the hat and realized that of course while the other hats ran big, this one appears to run of course it was a snug fit on Miss Raya....but besides that, the brim of that hat obviously did not turn out correctly! haha. Instead of being a true "brim" it hugged her forehead tight and looked very strange hahaha

I read and re-read the pattern and just could not figure out what I did  wrong! However I really liked the pattern and the cool "piping" ribs on the top of the hat and such and hated to waste the time and effort I had in the hat, so I took a gamble and cut off the brim of the hat, peiced it back together, and made up my own directions to attempt to redo it. To my shock and surprise it actually worked!

The hat is still on the small side for Miss Raya, but I love the design. She may wear it to Thanksgiving and then we'll probably pass it along to someone with a smaller head and I'll just make her a bigger one :-) Once again she was being a brat for pics, so this actually looks way cuter in person. I decided I also like it with wisps of her hair hanging down around her ears, but I didn't get a pic of that.

See how the brim no longer is stuck to her forehead lol

In the future I may attach the flower to a hair clippie so that different colored ones can be interchanged ...

That's  it for tonight! Probably won't have any new hat creations for awhile now haha....I have 3 or 4 etsy orders that came in right before I closed up shop and I need to work on those this week!

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!


  1. I'm so glad Raya is still loving her baby, wait til she sees what Grama and Grampa have for her!!!! The new snowflake is perfect! Love it! Also like the hat with the brim, second try!!! The reason Raya does not like that one, it looks tight by her ear!!! Can't wait to see everyone at Thanksgiving1
    Love, Grama F

  2. Yeah, it's kinda snug but she actually seems to like it better than the loose ones that keep falling over her eyes!


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