Monday, November 29, 2010

It's that time again...Christmas card time with Shutterfly!

Most of you know that I ALWAYS do Christmas cards. It's always a big production too. Before we had human children our Christmas cards were of us and/or our furry "babies", and then once Miss Raya came along we added her to the mix! Last year was the first year we had the entire family, all 5 of us, and my oh my what a production that was! We set the timer on the camera and tried for probably 30 minutes to get a good picture, but between the dogs fighting with eachother, Raya not looking at the camera, Raya pulling her cute Christmas hat off every time I wasn't looking, etc. we barely get one decent photo to use! Regardless of the photo though I'm always able to come up with something super cute using Shutterfly and family and friends always love getting Christmas cards with photos!

Wasn't last year's card super cute?!

And the year  before that I made these fun "family" photo cards with Shutterfly!

This year I was debating whether I was going to be able to send out as many cards as I usually do, or if I was going to need to cut back and save some money, but then I found out Shutterfly was giving bloggers 50 FREE HOLIDAY CARDS if they blog about them! Well obviously that's a no brainer people, because I love blogging and I love making Shutterfly Christmas cards, so I am more than happy to spread the Shutterfly love and get my free cards! :-)  I've already made my mom's Xmas cards using Shutterfly, and for my own cards I'm eyeing a few different styles that I haven't quite narrowed down to one winner yet.

I really like the cards they have now that let you write out a "Christmas Letter", but God knows I love to ramble! But it's possible I've said everything that could possibly be said already in my blog, so many people probably don't need a Christmas letter from me lol

I think this card is super cute! ....but Miss Raya would REALLY have to cooperate for pictures in order for me to get one good enough to warrant this style haha

If we end up deciding to include whole family pics as well then this style would work nicely too!

So now I just need to try and set aside time this weekend for a little photoshoot and pray that Raya is cooperative! I think I have a festive outfit fitting for Christmas card pics, but I have no idea where I'll put Miss Raya so that she'll sit for a pic....wish us luck! :-)

....and be sure to get your own Shutterfly cards too...I'd love to get a fun photo card from you all as well!


  1. That is great!!! Only you would find this deal!!! I like all 3 choices, probably depends on how your photo shoot goes!!!
    Love, Grama F

  2. See, now when Lee gives me a hard time about all my blogging I can say it's actually made me money! :-)


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