Sunday, November 7, 2010

My shoppin' buddy

Yesterday Raya and I had a wonderful girls day out shopping! Everyone kept telling me she'd stop being a good shopper once she started walking, but I'm so proud that she continues to love it! :-) She really is an angel when we're out and about....everyone always comments on how good she is. We were shopping/running errands for over 5 hours yesterday and she even was missing her nap and she STILL was perfectly behaved. We didn't really buy much, but Raya had tons of fun "browsing" at toys r us haha. The official verdict? She loves anything with buttons that makes noise! We decided to wear a pair of our ruffle pants yesterday b/c everyone always loves those, and she worked those ruffles for sure. I let her walk outside of her stroller in certain stores and everyone would comment on her pants and hat (she wore that white crochet hat again...must be getting back into the hats I guess!) Her only "naughty" moment shopping was at Old Navy when I wanted to try a coat on her and she thought it was a game, so she ran squealing through the store trying to have me catch her lol. Silly girl.

Ok, now for a few pictures. She was being so goofy while I got ready yesterday morning. She LOVES sitting on her potty and she was just kickin' back while I put my makeup one :-)

She didn't understand what I thought was so funny :-P

The funniest part? Well ever since I started watching the twins (who are really in to carrying lots of "things" with them room to room--they have special stuffed animals etc. that need to go everywhere with them!) now Raya wants to have lots of stuff to carry around with her too! But she hates stuffed animals so he latest thing is her sippy cups....she had to bring an armful of them with her to the bathroom. But then she lined them up on the edge of the bathtub, moved her potty chair closer to the tub, and then sat down and enjoyed her beverages on the potty :-)

She also gets into trouble with the toilet paper. "No!" means nothing to her when that beloved roll of paper is so tempting!!!

She likes to wipe her nose with it :-)

We enjoyed taking the van out for the first time yesterday too! I was tempted to make unnecessary stops just so I could load and unload Raya with my very cool power sliding doors :-) Its running great now. We just have a minor annoyance still left to fix. When you drive on the hwy, etc. there is a rattle on the roof....we think it's the luggage rack....but we have yet to pinpoint it and tighten the rattle down. The people at the mechanic shop couldn't provide much help....lee said he drove with them to try and pinpoint where it was coming from but the mechanic was old and his hearing wasn't good enough lol.

Anyways, it looks pretty sitting in our drive!

I tried to get a pic of Miss Raya sleeping in the van when we got home, but when the door opened she woke up....and wasn't too happy with me! :-P

We did end up moving her to forward facing now in the van. Legally she could have turned forward facing at age 1, but the current recommendation is to keep kids rear facing until age 2 if possible, b/c it's safer. I had really hoped to keep her rear facing longer, and Lee is a little nervous with her forward facing, but it had started to become a problem b/c she was throwing major fits in the car the last week or two. I think her feet were just getting too smooshed and she was annoyed that she could hear us talking in the front and not see us, etc. After switching her to face forward she did well in the car yesterday, so hopefully she's happier now.

After we got home from shopping Raya took a really nice long nap! I was able to get some Etsy orders made so it was productive all around :-) Then after her nap we loaded back up to head into town and get groceries! (Yes, groceries on a Saturday night haha. Can't get them during the week right now b/c of babysitting!)

Raya wore her new coat to the grocery store. This was our main purchase shopping yesterday, and the story behind it is that I saw it when shopping  a few weeks ago at Old Navy and thought oh my, a black ruffle collar peacoat for a toddler is the cutest thing ever! But alas it wasn't on sale at all and quite pricey for a kid's coat, so I sadly had to walk away. Well then yesterday I had a 40% off coupon to use on a single item and I told Raya if she was good we would go to Old Navy and use it to get that coat. Imagine my surprise when we walk in the door and there in the front of the store is the beloved black coat, on sale for 50% off!! They had all their outerwear on sale for 50% was so exciting :-) So of course Raya is now the proud owner of her very own black peacoat. If only I could still fit into mine!!

She wasn't in the mood for modeling it last night, but here's a general idea...

Notice the double ruffle collar :-)

Pleating in the back hehe
Let's go mom, I'm ready!!

Today I think we're going relax around home until Daddy returns. Then it's back to babysitting on Monday!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! That outfit with the ruffled pants is way tooo cute, did you make the top to match? The coat is cuter than anything I've ever seen, she needs to wear that whole outfit to Thanksgiving! The van looks really sharp, glad you like it.
    Love, Grama F

  2. No, I didn't make that shirt....but I do have a black shirt and some of the material from the pants to make one eventually.

    I feel like I need to start taking her to church or something in that coat so that she can wear it more often! haha :-)


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