Sunday, November 21, 2010

One more....

Ok, in response to my last post I did tone down the snowflake size. It was too much of a pain to redo the snowflake since it was already sewn on, so I just got rid of the big spikes and Lee likes it now...whatever he likes I guess! :-P 

That said, I've already had the twins' mom place an order for 2 snowflake hats, so some people like the big snowflake! :-) She also wants 2 of the flower hats and I've had a couple others want flower  hats too haha.

Here is the snowflake hat "revision". Looks more like a flower now, but Lee likes it this way.

And then the one I made last night which took FOREVER...the owl hat!


  1. I am so impressed!!!! I wish I had your talent!!! Love the revised xmas hat, the owl hat is to die for!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. they look great...i love the owl hat. I like the snowflake smaller, it looks better. good job mama

  3. how much do you think you would charge for the owl hat minus the owl face? For newborn and toddler? So it would be plain.


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