Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ready for the runway

Grandma F. seems to think that Miss Raya has too many clothes (gasp!)

To that I say what good is it to finally have a real life dress up doll if Little Miss Thang's closet isn't packed full of fun dress up clothes?! :-)

You work it girl....don't  listen to Grandma. :-p

In my defense, I'm pretty sure she's worn those jeans before :-P

Baby Brielle, I hope you're ready to work the runway like big sister....she's set the bar pretty high!

....and yes, she was the talk of the mall when we were out and about today. Daddy was mighty proud :-)


  1. Well she may have worn those jeans before but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen that vest yet!!!! I love the hat!!
    Love Grama F

  2. cant wait to hear what that big announcement is!!!


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