Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa Came!!

Poor Lee....he's had a rough night! So since I'm stuck at home during the day due to babysitting Lee has been running a lot of my errands. Today when he left for work he had instructions to mail out some etsy orders for me, stop after work to buy new dress shoes, and then get groceries. He didn't complain at all! But then on top of all that I discovered this morning that ToysRUs had some of their outdoor toys on sale! I was excited b/c we wanted to get Raya a climber for xmas but they are so expensive. Anyways, I called him and told him about the one I had seen on sale and wondered if he'd stop to look into it, assuming he'd say no lol. Well he said sure, much to my surprise! Then began the saga...

He calls me and says they don't have the item at the store and basically can't get the item either. Apparently they can't ship items store to store and it's dependent on where the wearhouses are etc. and essentially the best they could do was get the item to a location about 2 hours away, which was pointless for us so he just left. Well he calls me after he left to tell me what happened and I was bummed! Well about 15 minutes later I find a different climber that I actually liked better and I see that toysrus has that one on sale too! So i called him back (LOL) and wanted to know if he'd entertain the idea of going back to toysrus again :-P He actually agreed and went back over there, but then called me to say he didn't see the one I was talking about so he was going to have to talk to someone at the store again etc. etc and he'd call me back. Well about an hour later I get a call....turns out that they eventually did find the climber but he got all the way to check out and they wouldn't give him the sale price I had seen on the website. So he asked to talk to a manager and the manager apparently tells him that sale price was for online only!! (It never said anything to that affect online!) And shipping to order it online was over $100 so obviously would defeat the purpose of any sale price. Well Lee said he threw a big fit about it and eventually got them to sell it to him for the sale price haha. ...and then AFTER all that he had to have them help him out to the car with it, empty the entire thing from the box, and spend like 15 minutes trying to fit the peices in his car b/c the box was way too big :-) Good times!

Which brings me to....SANTA CAME! We explained to Raya that Santa couldn't fit this present in the sled on Christmas Eve with all the other toys, so he asked Daddy to help him out and bring it home early for her. Lee put it all together tonight in our basement and she just loves it! She's already mastered the slides and ladder and went up and down the 2 different slides about 30 times tonight.

This is the one we got (you tell me how I was supposed to know that price was online only!) has 2 slides, a climbing wall, a wheel, and a little space to make a fort underneath.

And here is Raya having fun playing tonight before bed! We peeled her off it around 8:45pm tonight for bed :-)

This is the "big" slide

This is the smaller slide

Steering the wheel!

Climbing the ladder (you can see the leveled platform inside and stuff....seems to work nicely for her and she hasn't fallen at all yet)


She knows she has the bestest Daddy ever!!! (Santa isn't too bad  himself :-)

So hopefully all the girls have fun playing on it tomorrow! I'm really happy with it though, and even though all these climbers are way overpriced I'm glad we just gave in and got one haha. Plus, the step 2 things have good resale, so in 5 years when our kids are done with it maybe I can put it on Craiglist ....b/c god knows that they go on Craigslist around here for practically what you pay new, which is why I've never found a good deal on one used!!!!

Merry (early) Christmas to all!


  1. wow what a lucky girl you are Miss Raya! That looks like a great toy.

  2. Raya is a very lucky little girl! Love the colors on the climber!
    Grama F


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