Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still babysitting!

Ahhhhh, nap time is the most wonderful time of day! :-) Babysitting is still going well, but I'm definitely getting stir crazy having to stay at home all during the week! This morning *would* have  been kindermusik day, but we have to go to Thursday evening classes now with the twins here during the day. I would have really liked to get out of the house today though!!!

This weekend I picked up some crafts to do with the girls, so yesterday we practiced our shapes and our colors!

Raya's attention span for this type of activity is about 30 seconds haha....but the bigger girls could have played with the foam stickers all day I think!

We also played outside with sidewalk chalk for awhile! Miss Raya was less than thrilled with this activity too :-P

Raya and her friend :-)

We played with playdough too! The big girls kept saying "this will be fun!" haha....but Raya, well she hated playdough too :-P I did get a couple pics of Raya "playing" with it though before she completely lost interest.

So as you can see, we do have lots of fun during the day! However Miss Raya consistently gets tired of the girls after about 1 day haha. Last week she did great the first day the girls were here, and then got pretty fussy on subsequent days. Well yesterday Raya did great once again with the girls, but when she woke up and they were here again today she seemed pretty annoyed lol. So far today she has spent most of her time doing this:

How pitiful is this?

And lastly, You may remember Raya's super cute owl print bell bottomy ruffle pants? Well sadly she has outgrown them :-( I was heartbroken and so I had to of course find suitable replacements. I found someone willing to make me some at a good price and they arrived yesterday...so cute! I mistakenly measured Raya's wait wrong though, so they were too big in the waist, but I have since taken the waist in and now they look great and fit perfectly! And i'll be able to let them out and have her wear them as capris when she's bigger.

Here is her modeling one pair....this was before I took the wait in so they are looking kinda baggy here

She wasn't too happy with me by this  point...

I  asked the lady to send me some scraps of the same fabric she used on the pants so that I can applique my own matching shirts too :-) Now I just have to find the time! I sold 4 turkey shirts yesterday alone, so I'm pretty busy with paying customers....my own kids aren't getting too many shirts from me right now!!

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  1. You can tell Raya looks up to the girls! She just does not like her mommy giving anybody else attention! Looks like the foam crafts are a success. Love Rayas new pants!
    Grama F


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