Friday, November 5, 2010

This and that

I survived my first full week of babysitting...yay! haha. The twins have not given me problems, but oh boy Miss Raya....a little diva she is! She will not nap more than 1-1.5 hours, so even my beloved nap time isn't lasting very long. She is also constantly (I mean CONSTANTLY) throwing tantrums for food! I thought it'd help having the big girls model for her that we wait for meal and snack times, but no....she throws tantrums in the kitchen while we try to ignore her! I always tell her "it's not time" but when she wants food she really really wants it! I'm hoping she outgrows this soon or I'm in trouble! The good news on the food front though is that she's doing very well with eating using a spoon now (i can give her a spoon and a container of yogurt and she'll eat it all up just fine--a little messy, but not too bad), and the big girls modeling for her has helped as far as now she will eat whole apple slices and bigger chunks of food. She watches how they eat and she copies them....such a big girl! She's also been putting words together more lately....she'll say some short phrases like "all done".

Here are a few pics from the last couple days...

We were all in pink this day...

I tend to take pics when they're sitting and their table b/c that's the only time they're all contained in one spot!

Life is good....she has a cracker :-P

Today we made princess crowns. Raya couldn't have cared less, but the big girls loved them

I caught Raya pretending to care for just a second haha

Can't get them NOT to do the cheesy "cheese!" face haha


They are definitely not shy around me anymore! The one on the right was the quieter one,
but now she is the one constantly wanting to sit right next to me....she's on Raya's shit list! :-P

This was Raya's overall feeling about modeling her crown.

The big girls however wore them a lot of the day!

So that's my babysitting update :-) What else? Well, not much new to report with baby Brielle. Still cookin' along....only 9 weeks to go now I believe! (I'm losing track of the weeks haha). Can't believe it's November....December will fly by with the holidays and then it's January already! Brielle is really movin and groovin lately...she gets my belly going crazy and Lee actually felt  her the other day (he hates trying b/c both babies (raya and brielle) always stopped moving when he'd try and it drives him crazy haha....but she gave him a few good kicks the other day to shut him up :-)

This weekend Lee is hunting so I think Miss Raya and I are going to start some Christmas shopping! I'm not sure if I'll actually start buying stuff yet or not, but I want to at least scope out some ideas. Christmas is sooooo much fun with a little one to buy for....especially this year now that Raya is older and will actually be more interested in opening presents and seeing her toys. Plus Lee and I are DYING for some new things to play with around here! haha. I've been doing some online browsing and compiling a Christmas list for case any of you have kids a similiar age I'll share some of my findings for you! :-)

(Now Raya certainly will not be getting ALL of these things....this is just a running list of presents I'm considering for her :-)

Her big gift is going to definitely be some sort of climber. I just can't decide which one I want yet. They are so expensive! I'm leaning towards this one right now b/c it's "cheap" and gets good reviews as far as having a big enough slide that she won't outgrow it right away

I'm also liking this climber though. More expensive and would be bigger....not sure it'd provide enough extra fun to justify the price...

I'm also interested  in getting her some sort of indoor tunnel/fort thing....they seem mighty expensive to me to though!

This is the toy Raya has on her list for Grandma F. I think she would love this does all the animal noises, which is her total favorite thing right now

I feel like she needs a dollhouse of some kind....

She doesn't have any lego type toys and I think lee would enjoy playing something like that with her. This one has all the zoo animals which I think she would really like

She really likes to play with and mimic "pretend" I thought she might like a doctor kit or something....

She hasn't quite figured out coloring, but I think she'd find this to be fun

I definitely have to get her some type of bubble machine. At kindermusik she just LOVES the end when they do their bubble machine. Seriously....she is crazy for bubbles. The bubble maker she currently has is just a small little thing that for some reason never works....I'll pull the handle like 20 times and maybe get one bubble to pop out, the whole time Raya screaming for bubbles haha. This is similiar to what kindermusik uses... 

Speaking of kindermusik, we did the Thursday night class this week for the first time, since I"m babysitting during the day. Raya was somewhat terrified haha. It was a new teacher and the kids (and moms!) in this class were crazy and hyper! Raya wasn't sure what to do and stayed on my lap most of the time. I wish we could keep doing the morning class b/c I liked it a lot better, but oh well. Hopefully Raya warms up to the new class. Lee went along this week and watched, in case he ever has to take her by himself. He wasn't that impressed haha....but I didn't suspect he would be, since he thinks I should just sing with her at home and call it a day lol. However he did think she was very well behaved in the class and he was impressed at how well she did, considering being scared of the new people.

Ok, back to Raya's wish list :-) I definitely need to get her something like this. I hear nothing but great things about these teaching kids their letters, and this version "grows" with them to even form words!

Grandma F. has something like this at her house that Raya seems pretty interested in....

Lee really wants to get her something like this (magnetic white board on one side, chalk board on the other)

And lastly, this probably won't end up happening b/c lee thinks it's stupid to spend so much on a kids chair, but I think Raya would really love her own chair and I just think these from pottery barn are so cute! I know you can get cheapo ones at Walmart with like Dora the Explorer on them and such, but if I'm going to have a chair in my living room or something I want a cute one! Plus, these have got to be way higher quality than a foam walmart one....

We will obviously also be getting her books! B/c that's mostly what the child does all. day. long. We read and read and read. I love to read though so I hope she continues to love it too!

Oh, one more thing I almost forgot! Lee applied for some new jobs awhile back, b/c we'd like to eventually move back closer to both our homes, and he had gotten a call a couple weeks ago from the company but ended up being told that he was overqualified for the job they were calling him about (we obviously will not move and switch jobs for a pay decrease!) so Lee was a little bummed b/c he was basically told he's overqualified for the basic engineer jobs, but I really doubted he was qualified for the "senior engineer" jobs ( i mean, I don't understand what he does, but the title "senior engineer" makes me think of someone much older and with more experience!) ....however last night he found out that he gets an on site interview for one of the senior engineer positions he applied for! He's pretty excited so I hope it goes well. They are supposed to call him to set up a day for him to go there. The stressful thing though is that is by some chance he actually gets this job he will be commuting over an hour each way to work until we sell our house and by something new, and there's no way we'll be able to sell during the holidays or before the new baby comes, so I think he'll be commuting a few months at least, in the winter! Unfortunately since our house is a 5 bedroom and obviously a "family home" I predict we'll have a hard time selling before spring, b/c people with kids like to move in the summer so as not to disrupt their kids' school schedules. Oh well...guess we'll worry about that if he gets a new job!

That's it for tonight! Can't wait to get out of the house this weekend and spend a girls day out with Miss Raya....we even have our van back from the shop now so we can cruise in style :-)


  1. Miss Raya , whatever will she do when Brielle comes? I guess she'll have to come live with me!!! Great toy ideas, I think she would love some sort of a desk, maybe something that also has a chalk board or erase board, she loves to sit on ours! Love, Grama F

  2. Well, I thought about a desk but she has that picnic table that we use like a desk, so I thought maybe that would be good enough. She loves to sit on that!


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