Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 recap

So it's New Year's Eve...2010 is almost over! 2010 was my first "full" year as a mom and it has been so much fun for sure :-) We don't have big plans for tonight b/c quite frankly I'm too tired and uncomfy to even want to go out at all, so I think we're just going to have a quiet night at home (and Mama will  I'm sure be in bed long before midnight!!)

I thought that in honor of New Year's Eve though I would recap some "highlights" from 2010. I tried to pick 1 or 2 pics from each month of Raya's blog this last year so we can all  relive the fun of 2010 with Miss Raya Marie :-)

January--I started my Etsy shop!

Raya's first applique shirt :-)
 February--Raya's first Valentine's day!

March--Not much happened this month haha...but she had awesome 9 month professional pics!

April-- Raya's first Easter basket!

May-- My very first mother's day...

....and Raya's 1st birthday!

June-- Raya's first overnight!! Fun at Grandma and Grandpa F's

July-- Raya's first trip to the Children's Museum! (We need to go again now that she's walking!)

August-- Got to see Aunt Megan and Uncle Shawn!!

September-- first baseball game!

...and first zoo trip!

October-- First trip to a pumpkin farm!

...and very first time trick-or-treating :-)

November-- Mama's obsession with making hats began :-)

December-- Continuing our Xmas tree hunt tradition

So as you can see there were many many "firsts" this year! I think my New Year's Resolution is going to be that I want to continue enjoying all the "firsts" of 2011 as well! It's so much fun watching Raya grow each month and with baby Brielle I will get to relive all of Raya's "firsts" again! I think that's definitely a New Year's Resolution that will be easy to keep :-)

Happy New Year everyone!!! And no, haven't gone into labor yet....although Lee was sort of hoping I'd have the first baby of 2011 so that we'd get a bunch of free stuff :-P


  1. the pics of Raya are too cute! I'm with ya on probably being asleep before midnight! haha Have a happy new year

  2. Love the pics, but makes me very sad to think how fast she has grown. I will be very happy to get everybody closer so I can spend more time with everybody!! Time goes way to fast!
    Love, Grama F


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