Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Brielle's stunt double

Don't miss my update below--induction date set! :-)

Now that I know I basically have 11 days or less before Miss Brielle makes her debut I'm feeling the pressure to make sure everything is ready to go! Today during Raya's nap Lee helped me take down the tree and we got the pack and play with changing table etc. all set up in the living room like we had with Raya. This will be where Brielle hangs out a lot during the day since I don't really like my babies napping way back in the bedroom during the day.

Well, when Raya got up from her nap she came into the living room and I told her "look! This is the baby's bed!" and I kept saying how the baby would be sleeping in here, etc. Raya immediately squealed and ran back to her playroom to retrieve none other than the now famous baby Anna haha. She thought I meant baby ANNA got a new bed, not baby Brielle lol. So she quickly put baby Anna in the pack and play and was mighty impressed with her baby's new digs :-P

I have a feeling that baby Anna and baby Brielle are going to be sharing close quarters much of the time :-)

Baby Anna also went for a swing ride today too. Raya thinks that since we brought up the baby swing that is also meant for her doll!

I thought Raya might enjoy seeing Anna "play" in her new bed....but it actually just ended up looking kinda creepy!

Raya was pretty much terrified  of baby Anna after this haha...

So now I think  we're just  about all set for baby's arrival! And we can all rest assured now that Brielle will be  very safe in all of her contraptions since baby Anna is her current  stunt double :-)

In other baby related news, our neighbors (remember baby Max who I watched overnight this summer??) well Max and his mom got Raya an Xmas present and Lee brought it home yesterday. Max's mom said it made her think of is so funny...a farm doll! haha. And it has these animal heads permanantly attached to it and you can push a little button for each animal head and it talks and makes animal sounds :-P

She's most impressed with the fact that this baby has eyes which open and close though...

It's official that  baby dolls are taking over our house, and I'm sure it'll only get worse with 2 little girls here! hehe

Lastly, yesterday Raya had a visit from Bridgett, who brought her an xmas present too (Xmas never ends for this spoiled little girl I guess :-) ...well last night Raya had  fun "driving" her new truck  all around the living room and I thought it was so funny to see her girlie girl self in a tutu none the less driving around a toy truck...she was lovin' the noises and lights on it though!

Vroom! Vroom!

That's all for tonight....Happy New  Year everyone! :-)

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  1. Too funny! Raya is going to love her new baby sister!
    Grama F


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