Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brielle 34 weeks

So yesterday before we left for Lee's xmas party I decided to do a 34 week belly shot (take advantage of actually being dressed up for a change lol). I'm definitely growing! :-) Still feel slightly smaller than I was with Raya, but it could just be in my head. It's really hard to compare with 18 months inbetween the two babies haha.

So here I am at 34 weeks with Brielle....

...and this is me pregnant with RAYA at about the same time (i was a week or so further along with Raya here....i didn't take a 34 week pic with Raya.)

Definitely think  I was sticking out front a little more with Raya at this time....but equally cute both ways of course :-P

Oh, and then let me just admit that some creative cropping took place in the first photo. I will go ahead and share the REAL belly photo experience with you now. It's picture proof of why I'm certain Brielle is in absolutely no hurry to arrive ....I mean, if you were here would you want to abandon the sound barrier you've been blessed with?! haha...I think not....she's no dumby....she's staying on the inside as long as possible! :-)

Lastly, we had a good time at Lee's work party last night (and Raya had a blast at Erins! When i picked her up she was sleeping, but she immediately got up and started playing with toys and when I tried to put her coat on her she said "no no Mama!" and ran away haha). And about Lee's party, it was almost kind of sad b/c it's his last one. I remember that was the first "thing" he took me to when we started dating where I was basically introduced publicly as his girlfriend haha. We had started dating on Nov. 12th and then a couple weeks later I was his date to the Christmas party :-) Ahhhh, the memories. I always like going to his work party b/c they give away nice gifts too. Last year  he got a laptop, which was obviously nice but since he thought so too he's kept it for himself (bummer!)....but this year I was in luck! The gifts he got were a Nook electronic reader (in case you don't know what that is it's a way to basically download and read thousands of books on a handheld electronic instead on having books all over your house and carrying big books around you just have everything on this little's a link to the Nook site: )  ....and for those who know Lee you understand that the man doesn't read! So that wonderful gift was instantly mine :-P Then the other gift he got was this tiny HD video camera, which is really cool. Basically a video camera the size of my phone, so it'll be much easier to actually keep on me and take more videos of the munchkins. And since Lee doesn't really do the video recording in our house that one was instantly mine too....Merry Christmas to Shawna! :-)  This is the video camera....Lee even picked out this pretty aqua one for me

Don't miss the update I did yesterday about Raya's trip to the Christmas tree farm!


  1. Wow, talk about nice gifts! I hope rockwell can compete with that!!! I think you were bigger with Raya,but it looks like you carried her higher, are you sure this one is not a boy!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Grama F

  2. better not be a boy!!


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