Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brielle 36 weeks

So I made it to my appt. this morning, despite the 5 inches of snow! Thanks to my hubby who woke up at 5am and cleared snow before work for me :-)

Nothing much to report though...everything looked good so that's great news! I'm measuring right on track, blood pressure and urine are good, etc. The doctor gave me the option of starting "checks" this week or next, and while I was curious if baby had dropped or anything yet I decided to wait until next week b/c they kept me waiting in the exam room for about 30 minutes, while I heard the doctor and her med student having social hour 101 (so annoying!) and by the time the doctor finally came in to do her 2 minute check with me I was annoyed and Raya was really grumpy so I no longer cared to be checked lol. My next appt. is the 23rd though, so that will be good b/c we're *planning* to go home that afternoon for my dad's side xmas and then do xmas eve day at my it'll be good to know if I'm dialating or anything yet so that I know how nervous I should be driving too far from home lol. Even though we all now it can come on quickly out of no where b/c I didn't drop or dialate with Raya until the last second!

Other than that I'm now waiting for Raya to stop fighting me on her nap today haha...once she finally takes one then we're going to try doing some last minute xmas shopping before her last kindermusik class this evening. It was funny b/c I emailed the teacher to let her know we're going to be moving and therefore won't be signing up for the spring semester, and she write back saying "oh bummer! Raya has always been a special little diva in my heart." cracks me up that someone we see once a week for 45 minutes is able to pick up on Rayas "divaness" lol...lord help me in 5 years with that girl :-P

To end, since I have no new pics to post today, I thought I'd share a couple pics from this exact time last year....let's all remember Miss Raya 2009 :-)

Still as cute as ever! :-)

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  1. I'm glad everything looks right on track for Brielle!!! I can't believe how much Raya has changed in 1 year!!
    Grama F


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