Saturday, December 11, 2010


So today I am 35 weeks along...yippee! As the end draws near I've been trying to start getting things ready for Brielle's arrival. I've been having a lot more pressure and some contractions...which could easily be normal with her being my 2nd baby but I can't help but wonder if it might mean she's thinking about coming a little early! As long as she holds off until AFTER xmas I'll be happy! I think this week I'm going to pack my hospital bag (or at least start!) and we are trying to get a couple things set up like her crib in our room and such. We're going to wait until after Christmas before bringing up the swing and bouncer and all that stuff b/c our living room is too full with the xmas tree as it is!

But recently I realized that we had completely forgotten about Brielle's middle name! What a horrible mom I am haha...poor 2nd child syndrome....she almost could have ended up middle nameless :-P If you remember we were trying to incorporate "Lee" in her middle name somehow but just weren't finding anything we could agree on, and I was hesitant to pick something completely random b/c Raya  has  my middle name and I wanted Brielle's to mean something too.

Well, I believe it was my sister in law Emily who gave me the idea awhile back about using Lee's middle name and how really there was no reason why it couldn't work for a girl. The more I thought about it the more I liked it, and Lee (who really at this point doesn't care what the heck her middle  name is! haha) agreed. So without further ado, baby girl number 2 will be:

Brielle Alyn H.

Alan is Lee's middle name and Alyn is the feminine varient of Alan. We will pronounce it just like Alan ( and yes, we realize others could easily butcher the pronunciation of her middle name but we decided it doesn't matter b/c how many times in your life does anyone really read and try to pronounce your middle name? :-P)... and now Raya will have my middle name and Brielle will have Lee's middle name. I think it's cute :-) Plus the meanings I've found so far for Alyn include "precious" "attractive" "harmony" and "peace" ....can't beat that!

We're very much looking forward to meeting little Brielle Alyn soon! And just today Lee said again "and remember, it could still be a boy....I haven't given up hope!" lol....oh what a scene he will cause in the delivery room if the doctor says "it's a boy!"   :-P

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  1. I think Alyn is very pretty with Brielle, Lee just does not give up does he!!
    Love, Grama F


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