Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Santa made it to our house today! :-)  And let me tell you...I AM EXHAUSTED now! I have learned that once you have kids Christmas becomes an hour or so of present opening excitment, followed by the entire rest of the day filled with opening boxes frantically while your child cries for her toys, putting together way to many plastic peices, filling everything with batteries, trying to dispose of millions of cardboard boxes, and then somewhat unsuccessfully attempting to organize the toy store you now own into various parts of your home! I think someone *not* 37 weeks pregnant would be tired after all that, so this preggo lady is officially pooped! It was tons of fun though...ya gotta love Christmas :-)

We took many short movies of Raya opening various presents, but here is just one example. She seemed to enjoy tearing off the paper, but isn't quite old enough to understand the concept of Santa or anything yet obviously. She loves all her new stuff though!

Then here is a sampling of photos as Raya played with her new stuff today :-)

Trying out her chef costume from Grandma and Grandpa...she's quite the cook! lol

Daddy, putting together Raya's car ramp raceway from Santa

She liked it...especially the noises it makes!

She also got a cool dollhouse from Santa

Once again she is a fan of the noises this makes...especially flushing the toilet!

Mama's favorite gifts were the "boring" ones this super cute owl backpack!

And Santa may have gotten these cute blocks off of Etsy :-)

They have owl fabric on them! :-)

The toy from Santa that impressed me the most though was this zoo came with so much stuff and it's really nice quality! The play mat has an alphabet path with an animal for every letter, and then there is an animal figure for every letter too. You push on each alphabet letter to hear the sound the animal makes or to hear the letter name and sound etc. Plus you have lots of other activities you can do with the animals and stuff. Love it and highly recommend!

Then Grandma, here is the doll nursery center you got Raya...she is very particular about how it must be used and I dare not attempt to play with it myself or she yells at me! :-P

Baby Anna is still getting lots of lovin'

And then because mama was going to lose her ever loving mind if all these new toys didn't disappear from her living room I spent my evening organizing Raya's playroom to try and make room for all the new stuff!!! It mostly fits....just barely haha. In our next house I think Raya will  need TWO playrooms!

The easel  is another of Santa's gifts. Santa wasn't thinking obviously about the sheer size
of all these wonderful new toys when she (I mean he) bought them! :-P
 ....and mind you, this does not count the entire kitchen set and all her new kitchen toys that now live in her nursery. Or the toys that still live in my living room. Clearly the child is deprived.

Spoiled little girl!

And despite it being Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, Miss Raya stayed a little bit of a grump today due to her cold.

But in her defense, it is a doozy of a cold and she has trouble  getting sleep right now. Check out for yourself what a hot mess she was when she woke up this morning!!! Good thing we were still at Grandma's....I had Grandma take care of booger face :-P

Tomorrow we have our last Christmas mom's side of the family so looking forward to that :-) Then once we get back  home we officially enter the time period I've started referring to as "baby can come any time now!"  hehe....I'm technically "full term" as of today at 37 weeks, and after tomorrow I have no more traveling planned, so Brielle, you are welcome to grace us with your presence whenever you see fit! However I still recommend stearing clear of New Years....who wants their birthday  to constantly compete with that?!

Thanks for checking in today!


  1. Oh my my my !!!! Talk about of load of toys. you can't blame me for all those! I absolutely love the owl back pack, did someone on etsy make that? way cute! Love the blocks too. That zoo looks like alot of fun, but alot of pieces! Also Lee should have fun with the race track set! The nursery looks really cute, we'll have to see if we can find something to set next to it and the kitchen set to store and set all the extra pieces on! See you today.
    Love, Grama F

  2. No, the backpack I just bought at the little children's boutique store at the cedar falls mall. The lady who owns it knows I love owls haha...she held one for me :-) The zoo came with a handy storage case for all the peices, so hopefully we don't lose's really cute though!

  3. glad you were able to make it home. raya looks like she had a great christmas and got lots of toys. love the name blocks, they are so cute


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