Sunday, December 19, 2010


So Brielle gave me quite the scare this afternoon! I had a few contractions off and on during the day, but then this evening I started having TONS of contractions for almost 2 hours! They weren't strong at all, but they were consistent and they made me nervous enough that I called Lee (who was in town with our neighbor) and told him to get home just in case! Luckily they eventually did settle down and for the last couple hours I have only had the occasional cramp here and there so I'm *hoping* it was a false alarm! This baby is bound and determined to make me terrified of going home for xmas I think! If I make it to my next appt. on Thursday I will be very surprised if I haven't started to dialate at least a little....we shall see! At this point though I'm still betting that there is no way I'll make it to my due date.

In related news, today Lee helped me do a switch-a-roo between Raya's room and the playroom. We had decided that we aren't ready to move Raya out of her crib (don't want to mess with a good thing when she sleeps so well in it!) so we're going to have Brielle sleep in our mini crib for the first few months. The only problem with that  was the rocking chair was in Raya's nursery, and that's what I nurse in (and sleep in!) at night typically so I didn't want it in Raya's room or else I wouldn't  be able to get to it at night. So I  decided to move Raya's kitchen set from her playroom into her nursery and move the chair into the playroom--a switch-a-roo :-) It doesn't look quite as nice with this set up, but we're going to practical and I obviously need to have the chair!

The hilarious part was that Raya was SO EXCITED about this....she was convinced the kitchen set was a brand new toy once it was moved into her room lol. She kept squealing in delight and showing Lee and I the kitchen as though we had never seen it before haha. I tried telling her it  was the same kitchen she's always played with in the playroom, but she was unconvinced :-P

Here's where it now lives in her room... (nevermind the flash bouncing off her mirror!)

Look Mama, a new toy!

I couldn't even get her dressed this morning b/c she was so excited about the "new" kitchen!
 Squealing with delight!


....and so now the chair is in the playroom where the kitchen used to be. It should work out ok....we're also using the closet in the playroom as Brielle's closet. Obviously we don't want to do anything too "final" as far as rooms go for the girls b/c we're moving anyways! We just want to try and keep the rooms looking ok enough for showings and everything.

Lastly, Saturday Raya  had to say goodbye to her friends, as it was the twins' last day. Here are the girls enjoying the xmas cookies we made on Friday...


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  1. That is soooo funny that Raya thought the kitchen set was new, maybe you need to do that all the time with all of her toys and she'll think she is getting new toys!!! Raya's hair is getting sooo long! Your making me very nervous with those contractions, tell Brielle she has to wait untill afer xmas, Grama F has all her shopping done!!!!!!
    Grama F


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