Monday, December 6, 2010

Crazy Busy!

Things are absolutely CRAZY BUSY around here right now! Next week is my last week watching the twins so that will help some, but losing playmates for Raya is not going to be easy either. She spent the first 20 minutes today following them around and hugging them :-P

I finished  up the  last of my Etsy orders last night (yay!) so that is done  for awhile. Now I need to start making a bunch of hats since I plan to give some as xmas gifts and such! It was cool though b/c last night I discovered that I could download all my crochet patterns on to my new Nook and they are so much easier to carry around and read that way than on my computer! I'm really lovin' my Nook so far, for anyone wondering if they may like something similiar also. I thought it would be weird to read books on an electronic thing, but it's actually not at all. It's different technology than your computer screen so it doesn't hurt your eyes to read it, even for long periods, and it's soooo much easier to hold and carry around the Nook than a big book. I bought my first book last night and have already read a ton of it today while the kids played on the slide downstairs lol.

Ok, now for the  super crazy busy part...this relocation stuff moves FAST! Like I said, lee's new job gave us a relocation package but I had no idea how fast they'd move us along!!! We've already been contacted by our realtor who will be helping  us find a new home, and Lee is calling her back after work today to discuss details....I wouldn't be surprised if she has us looking at houses over xmas break! She knows we can't buy until we sell, but lee thinks she may suggest we put an offer on a home (if we find one we like) and make it contingent on selling our home...which would be a good plan except for if someone else who doesn't have a home to sell ends up buying it out from under us after we've already fallen in love :-P We shall see! Lee also has a meeting tomorrow already with the loan officier they assigned us to go over our loan qualifications and everything so we know how much we qualify for when buying our new home. Like I said, they move fast! If we were doing this on our own we wouldn't have even started looking in to any of this yet, so it is very nice that we have all these people contacting us daily to move things along. The only  thing annoying  me so far is that they are going to send  in 2-3 realtors to look at our current  house and price it, and then we can pick the one we like best to actually market our home and sell it for us. ...and our relocation counselor wanted to start sending in teh realtors to do their walkthrough and price the house THIS WEEK! Yeah, I about flipped out haha. I told lee to please pass on my message that no, we will be having no realtors in our home until after the heck do I get it show ready with 3 toddlers here all day?! Granted the realtors aren't prospective buyers, but they will set our sales price based on what they see, so I obviously want the house to look nice when they come. I'm sure  I'll be keeping everyone posted as this drama plays out lol...

So yes, my plate is  packed full  right now and shows no signs of letting up until we are unpacked in our new home, god only  knows when....and while I'm thinking of it, just add a newborn baby around January to that mix :-P

Enough whining, here are some cute Raya pics from yesterday!

My fav hat (from children's place...i didn't  make it haha) ....she actually left it on!

She looked so cute in herr  get-up....and her and I went into town for a little bit yesterday to try and finish up some xmas shopping....but sadly she had a diaper EXPLOSION and ended up in a sad combo of clothing that was (luckily) in the bottom of her diaper bag....and about 2 sizes too small lol. The best part? She wanted to play in the mall on the play equipment, so she frolicked around in her weird outfit publicly :-P She had soooo much fun though! She always thinks other kids are playing with her when they aren't. She will just follow random kids around squealing and she thinks they are chasing her and stuff, when really they aren't paying her any attention. It's so cute to watch haha. parenting fail....letting her watch Pooh for the 1 billionth time, standing directly in front  of the TV no less. In my defense I'm pregnant and tired and I'll (probably) limit TV when all the craziness settles down. For now, Pooh it is! :-)

And yes, she looks like those starving Ethiopian children with her bloated belly sticking out haha.
She has been so weird about her eating lately, hardly eating anything at all and throwing
huge tantrums if we offer her food that she doesn't want. Last night Lee asked me to call an Exorcist,
her tantrum was THAT bad. I  think she's got a little bug maybe though...with the diaper explosions
and not wanting to eat....well, you do the math :-P

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  1. Wow!!! Sounds like things are really moving fast! Once your done babysitting maybe dad and I can come up and start helping get the house ready! Love the coment about the exorcist! She looks sooo cute in her hat and outfit1
    Grama F


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