Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well people, it's official. I've entered that final stage of pregnancy where you're simply exhausted and have lost the will to do pretty much everything haha. The girls are all napping, and while I have a list a mile long of things I need to get done I simply can't convince myself to do anything other than sit on the couch! :-P So I figured I would be at least semi-productive and do a blog update from my comfy seat here haha.

Now before you say I should be napping let me say that I've never been a napper. I always feel worse after waking up from a nap then before I laid down. Even when I'm really tired I just don't like to take them....I wish I could! A big reason for the fatigue setting in is that I can no longer sleep, which is a major bummer. Luckily I'm still only getting up 1, maybe 2 times to pee at night, but poor Brielle has been getting hiccups and maybe it's just me, but I find it hard to get a restful nights sleep when a hiccuping baby's head is repetitively slamming my cervix :-P Just over 6 weeks to go though...we're in the home stretch!

So the girls probably all think I've been pretty grouchy lately (watching the twins certainly doesn't help make me less tired, but I honestly don't think it'd be any better if I wasn't watching them, b/c they do help entertain Raya if I didn't have them here I think Raya would be more tiring then she's pretty much a wash either way) ....but I HAVE been trying to do some fun things here and there still. Yesterday we made ornaments and then had fun decorating them with lots of glittery foam stickers!

Raya actually did put the stickers on her ornament and participated in the craft for a good 5 minutes or so, which is an improvement from other crafts i've tried with her! However her "look" in this picture still sums up her feelings about these activities in general haha

Today, since it's Dec. 1st, I decided to break out her very festive holiday outfit that I got her on super clearance after xmas last  year. Since she was looking festive I thought "what the hell, maybe I'll get a cute picture of her that I can crop in some way and use for a Christmas card photo" I followed her around this morning for awhile snapping pictures and nope! Pictures and Raya do NOT mix! If you do happen to get a decent one of her looking she will most certainly not look happy lol....damn toddlers

...and if you attempt to sit her on something so that she's stationary for a picture she basically says "screw you" and get down immediately before you can even get a single picture!

....I give up...seriously. I'm pretty sure her xmas card photo will be of the back of her head....or else her duct taped to a chair--in which case please don't forward our xmas card on to CPS :-)

Hey, I have an idea! Maybe our Xmas card photo should be a "true life" know, one that depicts a typical day-in-the-life ....maybe kinda like this one?

Not sure what  you're looking at? Well that's Miss Raya of course! ...clinging to my leg and whinning
for food, a constant occurance :-P  Oh, and that big purple blob? Well that's my current view when I try
to look at my feet....say Hi to baby Brielle! :-)

My belly really isn't all THAT big right now I don't think....but it sure looks big
from this view!!
 It's a good thing she's cute....because otherwise this tired Mama wouldn't handle the toddler tantrums nearly so well!

...and now I think I'm going to make myself some hot chocolate (sugar free with added calcium...don't worry! :-) and kick back on the couch while I enjoy my (hopefully) last hour of nap time. ....although my darling daughter likes to spice things up about 3 times a week by waking up right about now to boycott her nap....let's hope for the sake of my hot chocolate break  that she doesn't do that today!

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  1. Your body is telling you to take it easy!!!! You can tell the girls like crafts. Is that Rayas table she is climbing on? Love,Grama F


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