Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Haha....just had to share

So this was just  too funny not to share. Long story short, my brother is the craigslist master and pretty much buys and sells stuff (usually cars/boats/etc) on there constantly. Well it was no surprise that for Xmas all of his gifts were craigslist finds haha. He got Lee a gun cabinet and clay pigeon shooter off of there, which were both great finds and right up Lee's alley. He got Emily a treadmill off of there for her xmas present....etc. etc. Well for me he got this one cup at a time gourmet coffee pot maker thingy (It's this thing here: http://www.amazon.com/Keurig-Gourmet-Single-Cup-Brewing-System/dp/B0007IQQUI) . He picked it up from some lady for $40 and they are over $100 new and this one had only been used a couple times I guess. Anyways, I was excited to try it out when we got it home and so we set it up and plug it in....and then everything starts like shaking and making loud noises and water starts leaking EVERYWHERE! It was soooo funny. We tried everything to figure out what was wrong and John said he actually knew the lady he bought it from so he was sure she didn't deliberately sell him something broken, but it was possible that since she hadn't used it in awhile something had happened to it in storage etc. So I made Lee try over the course of the next 2 days to figure out how to fix it and we finally did get it to appear to work correctly, except for the leak LOL. So as long as I empty the water resevoir immediately after making a cup it seems to be OK :-P

Here's the funny part. So I'd been going back and forth with John in emails (b/c he had contacted the lady who said she'd be happy to give our money back if we want to return the machine to her...but I decided to try and have Lee fix the leak first) and I had just  told John how we had gotten it to work except for the leak issue and such. He writes me back this email:

Sounds wonderful…………….very user friendly. Make sure the seal at the bottom of the reservoir is good. The lady mentioned that it could sit in their funny.

When I give presents, I find it important that they offer family bonding activites such as this to pull everyone closer together. If it was to work perfectly, you two would never had this experience in teamwork…………or something like that.

Good luck. I want a hot cup of Chai Latte when I come to see the new baby. I need to start training this new one to like me as I think Raya is a lost cause. You tell her if she doesn’t start straightening up, she will never get busted craigslist crap from me for Christmas. "

Hahaha :-) Cracks me up. So now Lee is already starting to think of what we could get John next year off of Craigslist for an xmas present!

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  1. I just don't know where that child came from!!!!!
    Grama F


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