Thursday, December 30, 2010

Induction date set!

So I had an excellent doctor's appointment this morning! It was with my favorite ob (the one who delivered Raya) so I decided to bring up the idea of a possible  induction since I'm really worried about going overdue this time and not  having anyone around to watch Raya, etc. ...especially with Lee working in Cedar Rapids. Well my doctor was sooo nice and said it was absolutely no problem to induce anytime after 39 weeks, especially given the circumstances and since I'm a 2nd time mom and had an easy/quick labor last time. So she said I could pick  anytime the week of Jan. 10th! Well I felt weird "picking" Brielle's birthday so I basically told her to pick and she said that she was the ob on call on Tuesday the 11th, so I said let's do that :-) Not only will my favorite ob deliver then, but Brielle will have  the fun birthday of 1/11/11 haha. So I'm scheduled to go in at 6am on the 11th now, unless baby now decides to come earlier!

As excited as I  am to meet the baby, I'm really hoping now that she doesn't come before then b/c this way Lee can plan his day off of work and everything can be scheduled and organized. Plus my mom is coming up to stay on Sunday the 9th and staying all week long, so she'll be able to watch Raya while I'm in the hospital and then help take care of Raya  the first few days I'm home with the new baby....perfect!

"worse case scenario" now would be if baby comes next week, but still that wouldn't be too bad. Lee's mom is planning to be here so I'll still have help with Raya. It's just  that Raya doesn't see her as much so she is more comfortable with my mom and Lee really doesn't want to miss work next week since it'll be his very first week of work.

So now you all need to STOP sending baby-having vibes my way haha...don't start sending them until like Saturday the 8th :-P

Oh, and the doctor did say I had made a little progress since last week. I am now a full 1cm dialated and my cervix is "soft"...that really doesn't say anything about when labor might happen, but she said that she would consider that a favorable cervix for a 2nd time mom and should be good conditions for an induction on the 11th.

So excited!!!


  1. Just hold on Brielle, Grama is coming!!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. thats great! not much longer to go and you'll have both your girls. Keira just turned a month old yesterday! it went by so fast


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