Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Rambling....

So first off, no, I have not had the baby yet! ....unfortunately. I'm officially uncomfortable and ready to be done though. I am pretty sure the agony of  the last couple weeks of pregnancy is all part of mother nature's plan to get women ready for childbirth, because at this point I don't care if the baby  is 10 lbs, no epidural, and 40 hours  of labor....I just want to be  done! :-P And go figure, since as of today I'm totally fine with Brielle arriving whenever I have pretty much not had a single contraction or sign of labor in about 3 days haha. This child  is going to end up being just as stubborn as her big sister I think!

In an attempt to help things  along I decided I  didn't want  to just sit around all day...walking can't hurt right? Lee had a funeral  to attend this morning for a guy he worked with so Raya and I went  into town to walk the mall. She was looking mighty stylin in her owl  hat and brown boots, don't you think? :-)

....although as cute as she was for a shopping buddy, she was uncharacteristically naughty shopping today too! She wouldn't stay in her stroller and insisted on a snails pace...and  basically prevented me from walking the baby out at all.

Even though she was naughty and didn't deserve anything  at all, I did buy one thing. She needed some new tennis shoes since she's gone up a size, and I  stumbled  across a pair  of light up skechers on super clearance...they only  had one pair left and it just happened to be  the exact size I needed! Normally these shoes would  not be my style, as they are covered in jewels and they  light up and  are generally gaudy lol...but  Miss  Raya was so impressed! She walked a round the store staring at her feet lighting up and looked so darn cute that  I  just couldn't resist buying them for her :-)

These are the ones I got:

Anything for my little diva!

Thankfully Missy Moe fell asleep on the car ride home...sleepy baby

After completing  her nap at home we ended up going  back into town again! Lee decided that  Griffin needed a haircut (he did!) and for the  first time ever we decided to get him professionally cut--we normally just shave him ourselves. However it's pretty much impossible  for us to cut  his legs and feet b/c he won't let us, and he typically ends up looking a little like a hack job. So we called Petsmart and got him an appointment. It took almost 3 hours! While we waited we had dinner at Carlos, ran some errands at Target, and Raya played at Barnes and Noble while Mama drank Starbucks :-) But in the end the $40 we paid Petsmart was sooooo worth it because  Griffin looks AWESOME! They got his feet and legs so short, and the got his face really even and cute. And he's so fluffy and soft now too! I think we are officially professional  grooming  converts haha.

Look at how good  his face looks!

Lee  tried to get Raya and Griffin to pose together, but this is the best pic he could  get--if that tells you anything about how the photoshoot went lol

So overall a very busy day...Miss Raya should sleep well tonight!

To end, here are a couple random pics.

First, here is our backyard this morning. It looked so pretty out with all the frosted trees!!! Must have been from the fog we had last  night. Maybe  we should have  the realtor  use  this pic in our  listing  lol

And finally, this was Miss Raya's outfit for my mom's side xmas yesterday. I LOVE this dress. Ideally she wouldn't have to wear a red undershirt with it, but it was cold :-P

The dress looks big on her in these pics, but it actually fits her really well. And cousin Sawyer approved too. He was saying yesterday how he wanted a dress like that b/c it had some of his favorite colors, particularly pink hehe. Him and his love of pink....cracks me up :-)

That's  all for tonight. Send some baby-having vibes my way please!! I mean, come on Brielle....I went 4 days overdue with your sister. I think I've earned myself a 38 weeker...or  at least  a 39 weeker! Here's your chance to become my favorite....pack up your things and  head south! :-)


  1. That is the cutest I've seen Griffin look in years!!!! They did a great job! Raya looks soo cute in her Owl hat, sorry you didn't have a good walk though, keep tring.Sawyer did love that dress, he kept saying all the colors on it and that they were his favorite, I asked him if he wanted one, he said yes, he needed to go to the store to buy one!!!!
    Love, Grama F

  2. your dog looks great! i love the owl hat, i just got Kaylee some cute I need to find some for Keira. sending lots of baby vibes your way, I hope Miss Brielle comes soon!


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