Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just the two of us...

Ever heard the Will Smith song "just the two of us" ?? Well, that song  sums up the love Miss Raya currently has for Mr. Owl.

This owl has it made! As you can see she takes quite good care of him now....although don't expect her to go sharing her food with him yet....she doesn't love him THAT much! ;-P

I'm glad Mr. Owl is finally getting the lovin' he deserves haha.


  1. Oh how cute!! Love the pic from behind!!!
    Love, Grama F

  2. I saw your post on my poll for the name Kallen :) and thought it was too funny that your daughter's name is Rayana. My daughter is Raya and was born in April 2009...and I'm having a boy in Jan, which will be Kallen! How funny!!!! Glad i found your blog!


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