Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve! :-)

Well, due to the snow (I hear about 9 inches back around our house....looks like we have near that here at my parents' too!) we are stranded at my parent's house tonight! We came back yesterday afternoon to attend xmas on my dad's side last night, and then today we celebrated xmas with my parents and john, em, sawyer, and harper....and the plan was that we were heading back home tonight so that Santa could visit us and we'd do a lazy xmas at home with Missy Moe tomorrow, but the snow had other plans :-P No fear though...I simply called Santa and asked that he instead visit our house tomorrow AFTERNOON...and so once we get home I think Santa will have arrived and we will do it that way :-)

So while I kill time here at Grandma and Grandpa's I thought I'd share some of the pics from our trip thus's your lucky Christmas Eve!

So first, like I said, we attended my dad's side xmas last night and Miss Raya had a blast with all the kids (she just LOVES kids and will go up to kids she doesn't know without any problem) ....adults on the other hand? Well, if you bribe her with food you stand a chance, otherwise forget it!

Family photo

She was wearing a cute, festive outfit of course!

My little Christmas Cutie

She was not in the mood for posing for pics....little stinker

Oops...we were missing baby Harper from the grandchildren picture!

Uncle John led the group in a Christmas carol sing-a-long :-)

Raya and Sawyer had a ball singing and clapping along!

Raya took a break to play with a bug on the floor LOL

Getting a closer look!

Her first present of xmas 2010!

It's a singing piggy bank toy :-)

Grandma found baby Harper!

It was nice to see everyone on my dad's side and a great way to "kick off" xmas 2010 :-)

Then today was our immediate family Christmas. We had our traditional cheese soup lunch and then it was present time! I"m pretty sure Grandma and Grandpa F. bought out a toy store somewhere haha. Here is the pile of presents from Grandma and Grandpa alone!

Harper was totally pumped and ready to dive into the present opening!

These are Raya's antlers from last xmas :-)

Sawyer liked them too!

Uncle John wasn't quite ready for the excitement :-P

The following is a sampling of the Christmas goodies recieved! Aunt Shawna's hats were a hit...well for everyone except Sawyer. He opened his dinasaur hat and honest to god looked at the hat and said "I wanted toys!" hahaha

Sorry buddy...Aunt Shawna is boring :-P

Harper liked her hats though...kinda sorta :-P

I made this one with a button and interchangable flowers in many colors :-)

Sawyer was more impressed with the tool belt and hat that we got mom and dad got him a giant tool bench set :-P

Oh, and don't worry...Miss Raya was spoiled with tons and tons of baby doll stuff and kitchen stuff! She says thanks to grandma and grandpa!!!!

She wasn't too interested in opening presents, but she liked playing with them once they were opened!

I think Raya's favorite toy is "baby Anna"...and all her many accessories lol

Sawyer's favorite toy was the puppet theatre that Grandpa built him!! Grandma made little interchangeable signs for it so it could also be a supermarket, lemonade stand, etc. It was a big hit with both kids!

I think Aunt Emily and Grandma had even more fun with it then the kids though! :-P

Grandpa and Grandma also bought some toys for the kids to keep at their house....the cash register was the favorite!

Tonight Mama and Miss Raya had fun opening more of her new toys....Mama really loves Raya's new coffee barista set that makes noise and comes with a variety of yummy pastries too hehe


So as you can see, a wonderful Christmas so far! The adults all got some very nice gifts as well, but let's face it....xmas is all about the kids and they are way cuter posing with their stuff :-) I have always loved Christmas but it's become 10 times more fun since having Raya and I can't wait until next year's xmas with 2 little ones! I'm looking forward to Santa's visit tomorrow too :-P I told Lee that I didn't want to exchange presents between us this year b/c I really do just love doing it for Raya, and all I want for Christmas is for Brielle to arrive healthy....that will be my most favorite gift of the year!!! (As long as that little gift stays on backorder for at least a couple more days lol)

Hope you all are having wonderful Christmas celebrations with your families too!

To end, here was Miss Raya playing with baby Anna tonight, as she tried desperately to stall bath time. Every time mom and I asked if she was ready for her bath and bed she said "no!" and would very dramatically play with Anna and watch us to make sure we saw she was very busy with her baby :-P

Poor Raya has come down with a bad cold though, so Anna got many very snotty kisses and hugs!

When she feeds the baby her bottle she sticks out her tongue like this lol

Snot nose :-P
 Check back for Santa pics tomorrow!!!  (That is assuming we make it back home through the snow!)

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  1. It was soooo much fun watching the kids open their presents!!! I'm pretty sure baby Anna is going to get lots of love in her new nursery center! See everyone tomorrow !!
    Grama F


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