Saturday, December 11, 2010


Don't miss my new update below, but I thought of something I wanted to add :-P

I CANNOT STOP PEEING! Is this totally normal as early as 35 weeks? The change in the last 2 days is crazy...I went from the normal pregnant lady peeing more often than normal to suddenly having to live in the bathroom! I swear the only explanation I have is that I think the baby must have dropped, but I'll have to wait another couple weeks before my doc checks me for that. Raya never dropped until after my water broke and I was in labor so this is new for me, but I honestly feel like this baby is falling out.

Here is a pic I just tried to it in my head or is my belly hanging awfully low?!

Even if it's in my head the whole peeing fiasco is not, and this will be a long 5 weeks if
Brielle and my bladder don't resolve their differences soon! :-P

Lastly, I've been busy wrapping presents and making hats...I'm pretty sure my SIL does not read my blog, and even if she does I guess I know Sawyer doesn't here is Raya modeling the dinosaur hat I made Sawyer to match his winter coat...I think its so cute! I hope it fits...I know the little guy has a big head lol

ROAR!  (Raya liked being a dinosaur...I asked her if she wanted me to make her one too and she shook her head and said "yes yes!")


  1. Oh Sawyer is going to love his new hat!!! You sure do look like you have dropped, time will tell, can't wait to meet our new baby!!!
    Grama F

  2. you look like you've dropped...i think i peed a lot at this time with Keira. she sat really low my whole pregnancy so I felt like I was always going to the bathroom!!
    I love the hat it is adorable!!

  3. I remember that happening when I carried Alanna, the peeing got a little better though...not sure how, but it did! :)


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