Friday, December 17, 2010

Raya, 19 months

Tomorrow Raya  will be 19 months old...yippee! I  decided to do her  19 month update today so  here  it  goes:

She still wears size 5 diapers, her feet seem to be outgrowing the size 5 shoes...I think we're definitely going to need size 6 soon, she's wearing mostly size 24 month clothes with some 2t shirts, she's definitely a "stocky" little thing with shorter legs and a good sized belly :-)....She seems to have a few new teeth coming in now...she hadn't had any new ones for awhile but lately I see more pearly whites! Her hair is getting LONG...I'm ready to trim it a little but I know she'll throw a fit so I keep putting it off haha. She's doing a lot of talking but I'm not really keeping track of how many words...there is still quite a bit  I don't quite understand but she sure does! We're not even thinking about potty training right now just b/c with the new baby coming and the upcoming move I know that I don't have time to devote to that right now....but she continues to tell me when she poops so that's a good sign I think. Hopefully around her 2nd birthday I can get her trained.

She's on a really good routine which I'm happy about, especially with the new baby coming...I'm hoping to keep her  on schedule when I'm in the hospital  and stuff so that we don't lose any ground but we'll see! She gets up between 7 and 8 am, eats breakfast, plays until 10am, has snack, plays until 11:30 and then eats lunch....goes down for a nap at 12:30 and sleeps until 2-3pm, depending on the day. Has snack at 3 and then plays until dinner at about 5:30....bath around 7 and to bed by 8 :-)

As much as I'm looking  forward to meeting Miss Brielle I'm trying to enjoy my last month with Miss Raya as my only! She's such a funny little thing and I really hope I  can get the new baby on a schedule of some kind so that I'm able to give Raya plenty of 1 on 1 still. I'm sure it'll be a big change for her at first but she loves to be a "helper" and I  think that'll work in my favor haha.

It's been a rollercoaster for  19 months, but I definitely have no desire to get off the ride! I  kinda love this  kid :-)

Due to the crazy hair  lately we've been doing some pigtails

...and yes, I usually like to include better pictures with my monthly updates, but this little diva makes the rules  around here, and she decided that pictures are overrated. Sorry loyal blog readers :-P

In other news, yesterday was Lee's last day of work until Jan. 4th when he starts the new job. Last night his coworkers took him out for a going away party, from which he didn't return until this morning! Apparently it was a good party and he was in no shape to drive home last night at 11pm I got a call that a friend was taking him home to sleep it off :-P Now starting today he's working on our to-do list that's a mile long getting things ready to list the house for sale after the baby comes ...and also completing some baby "nesting" tasks that  I've assigned  him haha.

Tomorrow is my last day watching the twins (their mom graduates tomorrow so I'm watching them on a Saturday) so I'm almost done with that! I'm looking forward to the break...this baby is sort of sucking the energy from me right now! When they all wake up from nap though we're going to decorate some xmas cookies so maybe I  won't  be remembered as a tired grump :-P Not that  I  need to be eating cookies though, my belly is stretched to the max I think! Can't wait to have  the baby  and get my super hot bod back ;-)

So HAPPY 19 MONTHS BABY GIRL! Daddy and I  love you, even though you're a chunker eating us out of house and home and throwing your divaness around every chance  you get!


  1. Happy Birthday Raya!!! It will be hard when that new baby comes, but Raya will love her just like Sawyer loves Harper!
    Grama F

  2. Happy 19 months Raya! I think Raya will be fine when the baby comes. Kaylee is loving being a big sister, she wants to help do everything and now she is doing everything I do with Keira to her baby. its very cute!


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