Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Raya's doctor checkup

Hey people, it's me Raya :-)

I had my 19 month checkup today and guess what? All my haters can kiss my perfectly proportional  butt!

Yep, that's right. I heard Mama and  Daddy betting on how much I'd weigh before my doctor's appointment. Mama guess 29.5lbs and Daddy guessed 31lbs (gasp! how could he?!). Well, I showed them....you should have seen Mama's shocked face when I  got on the scale and weighed in at a petite 27 lbs and 33.2 inches tall :-)  I was the 81st%ile for weight and 82nd%ile for height...perfectly proportional my doctor said.

Yeah, I've been gloating all morning.

Oh, what  am I doing  now? Just texting my peeps...maybe we can meet up for snacks later!

Mama told the doctor how I  won't  eat veggies unless it's baby food and guess what he suggested? He told her to let me dip veggies in chocolate sauce or carmel sauce! Yeah mama, chocolate covered carrots....why didn't you think of that!?! :-P

Mama also told the doctor how I want  to eat ALL. THE. TIME. Guess what he told her?? He said who cares, just let her! HAHA...in your face Mama! He said that kids my age don't overeat and as long as I'm not eating chocolate and cookies, and instead eating generally healthy normal food, that I  should just be able to graze and eat when I'm hungry. He believes that we are designed to be "grazers" and that kids my age shouldn't be forced to eat only at meal times. He also said that while he normally suggests ignoring tantrums, if the tantrum is over food then Mama should give me more to eat before I start to tantrum, b/c it means I'm obviously hungry. Duh mama! That's what I've been trying to tell you all along!

***Ok, Mama here....let me just  say that I did tell the doctor that I'm pretty sure Raya would eat cheerios all day long and nothing else, and that's why I was trying to limit her snacks. He said cheerios are healthy and if she wants to eat them that's fine.  He believes she'll eventually get tired of them on her own and he doesn't think she'd eat them at the expense of anything else. ....Raya for the win I guess! :-)

It's me, Raya  again! Mama ran off to sulk I think. Back to my gloating now! Mama also asked the doctor about my "crazy" teeth. The doctor said they look just  fine!!

Yes, I may have gloated about that a little this morning too hehe

So what's the moral of today's little story people? Clearly it's that diva's like myself should be left to our own devices. The doctor made it very clear today that I'm just perfect....and really, I've know that all along! :-)

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  1. Tooooo funny! I knew Raya was perfect all along!!!! Better stock up on cheerios!
    Love, Grama F


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